Makuta Dragoneye

Hello everyone! RaptorTalon here! Today I have the SelfMOC of a good friend of mine. @DragoneyeCreations But WITH A TWISTZ! Rather then being a Toa-dragon fusion, he is a makuta. His colors are changed. and he now has even more of a lack of green.

Onto the MOC!

(Sorry that the knee armor is tilting in some of these pictures)

as you may have noticed, He has HUUGE lower legs. well…each one is built around a small CCBS body. And you can hate them, I personally like them.

TIME FOR SOME BAD WINGS! I dunno. They are really heavy…



Well I can tell you for sure proportions here are… very very wonky.


I like the bulky lower legs,

I just wish the rest of him wasn’t so skinny.


K. Noted. Thanks.

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Looks menacing, but he’s got the über skinnies! I would say buff up the chest a bit and he’d look pretty good! Good job otherwise!


Yeeaahh. Thanks!