Makuta Dyros, the Evolutionary

The latest Makuta mov completed in my 100+ Makuta project, Dyros (#095 in my Makuta roster) is a character by RSG Staff member Neutralista adapted into my canon, and another moc for whom I wrote way too long of a bio for so here we are again

Of all the Makuta in the entire Brotherhood, none are as dedicated to their original duty as ordained by Mata Nui than Dyros. He was always fascinated by the simplicity and contentment ofRahi- the purity of it. Over time as the sapient species of the Matoran Universe began to create strife for themselves with their conflicting and often selfish wants and desires, Dyros became convinced that Rahi were the superior life forms and sapience was a mistake, including that of his own.

Ever the recluse, Dyros completely devoted himself to his work to an obsessive degree, unconcerned with the ambitions of his brothers and sisters and very vocally dismissing their greater plans and goals as a waste of time. Thus they saw Dyros as nothing more than a rude shut-in, only ever making an appearance to study a new Rahi creation from his siblings or for the occasional Convocation called by Miserix. But when Teridax had the audacity to call one himself, presenting a grandiose plan to take control of the universe itself, Dyros had finally had enough of his kind. Before Teridax had even finished making his point, Dyros rose from his seat, called Teridax “a pretentious tool”, and left the Convocation Chamber. Teridax would have gone after Dyros once all the other Makuta that had opposed him in favor of Miserix were executed, but the search proved that Dyros had left Destral entirely. As Dyros by nature was unconcerned with the Brotherhood’s affairs and never interfered, Teridax allowed him to live for now, should he continue to stay out of his way.

Where Dyros had gone was on a search for any like-minded individuals to surround himself with and allow as his contemporaries, intending to carve out his own secluded haven in the universe for the study, development, and modification of Rahi, unspoiled by the meddling of his kin or any other ambitious fool seeking to usurp them next. Eventually, Dyros amassed his own Hagah team of Toa either likewise discontent with the selfish conflict in the universe or just highly appreciative and respecting of Rahi, and with their help carved out his own entire dome in the Matoran Universe over the course of a few millennia, each using Masks of Iron to smooth the dome out to perfection. Situated between the dome containing Destral’s default position and the Great Dome housing the Northern and Southern Continents, Dyros’ new dome was quickly transformed into a Rahi Reserve, a large island created with its own ecosystem for him to conduct his research, and the entrance to the dome hidden deep at the bottom of the Silver Sea. The great work had been completed, but not without a few… surprises.

Learning that the Great Spirit was a massive robotic construct they lived within was already a shocking revelation for Dyros’ Hagah to comprehend, but carving out the new dome with Dyros had revealed an entire other group of beings previously undiscovered by any resident of the MU- the Kra-Matoran, natural Matoran of Shadow tasked with maintaining the workings of Mata Nui outside the domes that the other Matoran wouldn’t be able to reach or comprehend quickly enough were issues to arise, and a number of them had been accidentally displaced by Dyros’ “construction project.” Dyros humbly offered reparations for this mishap, building these Kra-Matoran a new home at the top his dome as a cavernous stalactite village (ironically mirroring the Av-Matoran villages in Karda Nui), and in gratitude for a Makuta showing such consideration the Kra-Matoran ensured that the external systems and inner workings of the GSR were compatible with Dyros’ new dome. They also had access to a hatch at the top of the dome in their village, where they could exit to reach their fellow Kra-Matoran elsewhere throughout the GSR, keep up-to-date on happenings within the universe, and inform Dyros upon return.

In the meantime, Dyros has continued his never-ending work of studying Rahi and improving upon their flaws as he sees fit, making hybrids or simulating environmental pressures to increase specimens’ potential. He himself adopts multiple bestial forms to walk among his Rahi and observe them up-close; a wolf-like form is Dyros’ preferred state, able to alternate between biped and quadruped, and he also assumes the form of a flying wyvern and an aquatic levitathan when necessary.

His Hagah, which Dyros has appropriately named the Wolf Pack, serve as his game wardens, monitoring the diverse Rahi on the island and even recording their own studies over time, comparing notes with each other and their Makuta in a shared appreciation of nature. It is also their duty to handle any problematic rahi that every so often run rampant, or in even rarer cases deal with intruders that have stumbled into their private sanctuary. And to ensure his Wolf Pack remains at the top of their game, Dyros will occasionally “test” them in a somewhat twisted “Hunter’s Game”…

In the rare combat situation Dyros finds himself in, he wields his Kanohi Faxon with absolute mastery. And as a Makuta, Dyros is capable of creating all-unique Rahi specifically for emulating their own abilities he himself gave him, giving him often unexpected advantages over his prey. Equally fitting of his nature is his Therianthropy Rhotuka, which can temporarily transform and animate objects or beings struck by it into a Rahi of his choosing, in a phenomenon Dyros has dubbed the “Cobalt Experience.” Outside of testing his Rahi and Hagah to bring out their potential or removing an unwanted presence, Dyros is quite fair, if amoral and abrasive. He is often described by his Hagah as an eccentric, unpleasant being (or with other harsher expletives), but “an honorable one.” When the GSR fell with Teridax, Dyros and his Hagah helped the Kra-Matoran evacuate to Spherus Magna, where they prepared to create another secluded island sanctuary upon the oceans of Aqua Magna


That is such a beautiful Makuta build, I live the blue against the black, and all the beast-modes you built for it. It makes me want to try and build my own out of the pieces I have. I don’t know if you’ve built the hagah for this one, but I’m sure they’re just as lovely.


The different forms are amazingly good Kardas,