Makuta Gorast Moc

A friend gave me his spare Gorast mask, so I used my CCBS parts to build a new body. The chainsaws are my personal favorite and kind of built the moc with them in mind.


10/10 :+1:
Where did you get those decals on the saw sheilds?

Is this based off the character Gorast? Her name is spelled with an ‘a’ at the end, not an ‘i’.

The MOC is alright. It’s not the most character accurate, but it has some character. I need clearer photos to really see what’s going on.

A power miners set


Yes a powerminers set
@ThatOneMOCist sort of, I kind of built it in Gorast’s images and had to make due with other parts since I never got the set, but go the mask from a friend

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it doesn’t really feel like Gorast imo, i would sugest making the legs digitigrade to resemble the original better

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Really doesn’t look like Gorast, you probably should have just made a normal moc instead of Gorast.

@Ace and @AwesomeJoel27 again Gorast is more of an inspiration for the moc as I am working on a new tittle