Makuta, Harbinger of Chaos

On the mythical island of Okoto, the Toa failed in their sacrifice. Makuta’s minion, Kulta, gathered the Mask of Ultimate Power in secret, and freed his master.

This is my entry to the Makuta moc contest. He’s big, hulking, and savage, yet he still gives the feeling of G2 Makuta. Personally he really seems like someone who was locked away in a nightmare-ish shadow realm for thousands of years.

His weapons

Poses with weapons


I love how he turned out, and I hope the you guys and the judges of the contest will find him as awesome as I do.

If you’re interested, here’s his video on YouTube:

Thank you for your time and feedback.


The shield doesn’t look all that useful for someone of his size :stuck_out_tongue:


The arms are way too long, and it looks messy and cluttered


At this point it’s more just symbolic of the time when he was normal, though the idea is that his original shield was corrupted during it’s time in the shadow realm.

The length of the arms was a purposeful design choice, to help get across the idea that the shadow realm significantly mutates people, which I also tried showing in the strange arm wings, and his tail.

As for messy and cluttered, personally I’d disagree, but I built him, so I might be biased.

It was at this time where I began to consider giving up on the makuta contest

nice work, mate. super imposing. best of luck if you decide to enter this bad boy in.

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I entered him yesterday, and thank you.

There’s a lot of clashing textures, and imo it looks more like a combiner because of that


I love the shield.
But in all seriousness, I like this.


The textures are pretty okay, I think my only problem is how long the arms are.

Looks really cool

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I’m surprised how articulated he is. Great work!

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