Makuta Icarax ldraw Model

Something else I was working on. I build Makuta Icarax from pieces derived from ldraw and brickshelf. I modeled Icarax’s rotator shield, rib cage and wings since I couldn’t find them in ldraw or brickshelf. Shield isn’t all modeled well and the wings as well.
It was fun building Icarax digitally, but also tedious as well since I had to re-read Icarax’s instruction manual online. Rigging Icarax with an armature was a little tricky because of his leg piston thing and his wings.


Front View

Side View

Back View



My only complaint is that the blades on the shield seem a little too big, but this is pretty good nevertheless

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The shield blades do need work but other than that it looks as good as the original, do you use custom hands or did you model them yourself?

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Impressive, even looks a bit better than the original model.

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Thank you. I’ll make the shield blades a little bit smaller.

Thank you. The hand model was from brickshelf.

Thanks! :slight_smile: I made Icarax arms symmetrical to pose the armature a little bit easier.


Most impressive.

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