Makuta Icarax Revamp

So my goal for this moc was basically to make a bigger buffer, war-mongering makuta icarax while keeping functionality as well as redesigning somethings I personally didn’t like about the original set. It was hard but I tried to make him both more imposing and at the same time make him slender enough for it to be believable that he can fly. I moved his rotating shadow blades to be mounted on his arm because I didn’t really like the original set’s right arm and they are still functional. I made it so he has two hands with opposable claws and I made his wings bigger by basically copying the kardas wing design. I made his double bladed sword a little bit different simply because it’s all I had to work with. Im pretty proud of this MOC I feel like I captured what was while still making improvements. LMK what u guys think and if you wanna see more pics :slight_smile:


Looks good overall, the lower legs seem ridiculously thin compared to the rest of the build.


Same critique about the legs. But I do like how you split the claw weapon, that always seemed out of place to me.


Oh, yes, he needed a revamp. The original build was bland a fragile,. This is how the second most powerful Makuta should look like.

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Sorry to say, I don’t get either impression. His limbs are even skinnier than they were in the set, but his torso has a lot of ill-fitting bulk and unnecessary detail. Overall this MOC suffers from what we called “Garrett Syndrome” back on MOCpages - a needlessly tall MOC with no regard to expanding the width of the limbs, resulting in it being skinnier than a rail (with the exception of the compounded bulk in the torso).

I’d knock his height down a few notches, in the thighs specifically, maybe torso as well but I do like the shaping with the tubes. Remove the excess on his torso and reshape it so it maintains the triangular shape of his torso, but wider; that will also make him look a bit more aerodynamic. Thicken up/armor his thighs a bit, and replace the Rahkshi shins with an Inika shin or Piraka arm piece if you have one in his colors, to bulk up that area some more. And replace the silver Hordika foot with a red or black one as well if possible - all the other silver pieces are blades and other angled pieces; and that torso piece muddles up that aesthetic. In my opinion a commited color scheme that pops goes a long way.

Oh this is awesome! Great job!

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