Makuta Ivness v 5

add another female moc that I've revamped but probably might be better/worse

yep I decided to revamp her... by making her Orange. I couldn't find my photok mask and there were a bunch of stuff I skipped. Though basically it's a color, arm plate and leg change. Essentially I lost trust in lime green and had a bunch of orange on hand

I might've rushed one or two of em... might retake em

anyway critique and comment


She's certainly better. Name no longer matches the character though.

Also the feet are atrocious. The part barely works for males but on a female MOC...oh geez, they don't work.

On mobile so I can't say everything I want to. Might come back for it later. Either way she's still vastly improved.


Not a fan of the boxy looking thighs.

Aight, here we go.

The fore-arm bulk doesn't match well with the thinness of the upper arms.

The elbow gap needs tires to fill it in.

The lower legs simply feel empty.

The chest protrudes too far out, while the stomach area looks like it is caved in.

The color blocking seems very orange-top and black-bottom heavy.

I can use CCBS for the upper arms

I used up my spendings so I can't and have not ever gotten small wheels or can't find em

yeah I'm terrible at lower legs

I'm gonna need a totally new torso that will suck

I'd like to think it's some clothing thing but I don't think I have enough orange that will look good covering up the legs

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She could use more orange near her waist and the thighs look a little blocky, but good job otherwise.

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Guess I don't really need to say much here, still I think the posable tentacle whip things are pretty cool.

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Pretty descent MOC. I like the parasitic orange used here.

Like the design for the most part. Wish it had some more tentacles. Love the color choice since orange isn't commonly seen on a Makuta Moc.

the upper legs look kinda weird, but I like how those tentacles look on the back