Makuta Kojol the deceiver

Makuta kojol is the makuta of Artakha and one of the most deceiving makuta of them all

kojol was built around the same idea as my previous makuta moc cryonyx however only for the inner construction as he was made completely different compared to the element stealing makuta.

Kojol is known for being a deceiver but also impulsive which makes his fellow makuta see him as stupid and he sadly lives up to what is expected of him as he attacked the Island of Artakha directly instead of doing as ordered and attacking quietly. It is unknown why kojol chose to disobey orders however makuta Cryonyx was soon ordered to accompany him my Teridax seeing the whole mission being a possible failure if Kojol had his way and assited the deceiver in the raid.

Kojols weapon is the ghost scythe a blade so deadly that it was never to be made as it contained fragments of makuta Cryonyx’s miser olmak in which it could release a powerful energy wave that upon impact with a living being could shatter their entire spirit across the multiverse leaving only a husk behind as a reminder. it is currently unknown if such a process is reversible

Feel free to comments any thoughts or opinions down below i’m always willing to hear what people have to say


This is very good. i must say that scythes are a little overused on Makuta mocs, but it’s your creation, do what you like.


looks pretty neat, I like the color combo of metru red and mata green.
also the scythe is awesome.

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Nice build. Many interesting choices.

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I like him quite a bit, though the arms feel a bit skinny.

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Definitely very different to what I typically see for Kojol mocs, but it works surprisingly well. The scythe is probably the highlight of the entire build, it’s really good. One thing I would suggest is to beef up the arms. They don’t really fit well with the rest of the build. Other than that, well done!

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