Makuta Krika MOC

Krika was my favorite Makuta and so… I decided to make a MOC of how he looked prior to his mutation.

I know the blue hand and eye aren’t accurate…but… I don’t care because I like how it looks. xD I got the idea from the MOC “Drazen Dervius” by ManiaMac1613.

What do guys think of him ? Feel free to give your opinion. ^^

Oh, by the way… I am sorry for the bad picture quality and the bad lightning.


This looks pretty spectacular. I find this to be a good representation of what he would look like pre-mutation.

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I really like the spiky silhouette he’s got. This and the “patched” mask give me a nice alchemist vibe. Great work!

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Thank you, I’m glad there are guys that like what I create. ^^

This guy looks sick and awesome! Love it!

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this is pretty awesome

I like the asymmetrical hands and eyes, it’s like he’s blind in one eye


Looks great, but I still have qualms about people using the mutated masks as their pre-mutation masks. I would prefer something custom or perhaps an underused mask that can represent the same aesthetic.

What that would be for Krika, I don’t know, but right now his mask looks more mutated than his actual mutated mask.

Colors are spectacular, and I enjoy the throwback leg design.

Only things I don’t like are the asymmetric hand colors and the the thin shoulders (maybe just shove a large tire on the small CCBS bone).



the rubber bands around the mask are interesting… what’s the idea behind that? or is it just to keep the mask on?

something i’ve never seen before in a set/moc

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I wholeheartedly agree with that. Awesome as the mutated Crast looks, I really can’t see it looking like that before Krika assumed ‘bug forme’ and entered the swamp. As for what to change it to, though… If 3d printing is an option, one could go wild. If not, a painted Olmak with those broad ‘cheeks’ cut off would probably look pretty cool… If you don’t want to destroy an Olmak (understandable, since they only made two, hur hur), a Tryna or Garai could produce a nice look, especially if you’re not afraid to take a knife to them to make them more… spiky. If you want to stick with purist parts… I used a Matatu once as a placeholder, but the “Mask of Scavenging” from the "Vultraz set could work if red and black both play solid parts in the color scheme. If you want to stick with white… white Pakari Nuva?

Mask rambling aside, though, this is a pretty solid looking MOC, using mostly proven techniques to create a mostly cohesive aesthetic.The CCBS shells on the arm stand out a little compared to the rest, but since you put spikes on them like everything else the effect isn’t all that jarring… Taken altogether, I think it works.

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Holy cow this MOC is amazing!

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You know, when I look at Krika I see some sort of a shaman in him (espeacially in my version with his staff, the spikes and the wing like formation on his back). I out the rubber bands on him for two reasons. On the one hand to, not hold the mask in place (it wouldn’t fall off without the bands) but to secure it and on the other hand to give him some detail that makes him look more like the shaman of a tribe (or as Dr_Chronos said an “alchemist”), it also can be seen as some sort of bandage because of his blind left eye.or just to cover scar from past fights and battles.

Actually this is the idea behind the asymmetry, but like I said the design does not come from me originally but from ManiaMac1613s MOC “Drazen Dervius”.
But I am glad that you enjoy it. ^^

[quote=“PakariNation99, post:7, topic:16901”]
I would prefer something custom or perhaps an underused mask that can represent the same aesthetic.
[/quote] […]

Thank you, I really appreciate the advice.
Yeah, I understand your point… and now that I think about it a start to agree with on the mask lokking more mutated that it the acutal mutated mask. I will look through my mask collection and see what I can find for a prior mutated mask. I don’t know perhaps I will have to paint or so, perhaps a white Rahksi head ? I will see what I can do about it.

At first I wanted to give two of the red Exo Force devastator drones as hands but I only have one of each tranlucent colour (red, blue and green). So I gave him, inspired by ManiaMac1613s “Drazen Dervius” as I said a couple of times now, this asymmetrical look… and… it has grown on me… and I really like it.
In terms of the shoulders I will see if I have some tires that are big enough to fit around the small CCBS bone pieces and don’t hinder his articulation.

@Scorpion_Strike Thank you for for your long comment. I am glad you like it overall. ^^
The Matatu is a nice idea but I think I don’t have that in black or white.

No, I am defenitely NOT afraid to use a knive on masks. I have don’t that multiple times, so I guess it will end with me shaoing a “new mask” IF I really decide to change his head/mask.

@Marendex_T17 Thank you I really appreciate your opinion.

Yeah… perhaps I went a little bit… “overboard” with it. xD

He was my favorite character in “Fight for Endworld” and “Hearts of Vengeance”… to bad he’s dead now…

I have another noble Akaku, that isn’t weathered at all because… you’re right… it is a “little bit” too much.


I came up with this mask for him, what do you think ?

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It looks pretty good.
My only complaint (regarding the mask) is that it looks a little over-weathered compared to the rest of the MOC.

As for the MOC itself (both masks notwithstanding) it’s also pretty good.
It manages to pull off both redesigning the character to make him look more “normal” (for lack of a better term) while still remaining faithful to the original set’s design, which is defiantly more than I can say for any of the other non-mutated-Krika MOCs I’ve seen.


Looks good! It could use some cleaner paint application, but I like the color choices and the mask choice itself!

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A very different athstetic then the original, but it looks good. I like the blue eye.

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