Makuta Laboratories?

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had information on what a Makuta’s lab might look like? Specifically Mutran’s.

General characteristics I’m aware of:

Mutran has a window, so they aren’t secret. At least, they aren’t difficult to reach if you know where they are.

There are bubbling vats, as described also by Mutran. Plus the stasis chambers Teridax had the Rahkshi in.

Moreso I don’t know. If anyone knows more characteristics and/or things within them, or better yet has an image, I’d greatly appreciate the info.


Well certainly the makuta fortress had series of multiple laboratories and workplaces for all of the Makuta.

I’d wager there are vats/containers of viruses and mutagens. I am not sure but I think energized protodermis is used by makuta to create Rahi by adding virus and other substances, therefore each makuta has a vat of the E protodermis or one major one everyone can use.

I’d assume stasis chambers or cages hold rahi.

Maybe books and paper? Mutran wrote a diary in karda nui. He must have something to write on.

I’d assume when Makuta became fully evil they stopped from making rahi and turned their laboratories into weapon caches or utilised them to create more sinister things like torture.

I imagine a laboratory from dark crystal age of resistance or dumbledores room. combination of the two.


In the MU there is no paper as something to write on. Every single time when something is written in the books/serials it is described as a carving on a stone tablet. Like the Makoki Stone, and the Rahi Beast Guide. The only real paper is the Scroll, left by the Great Beings on Metru Nui before the launch of the Robot, as far as I can recall.
The only paper notes that I’m aware of are the ones from Ga-Koro, used by the Ga-Matoran, made from the Harakeke plants, but it’s MNOG2 stuff, and was never referenced in the canon after the game, and was replaced by the carvings on Metru Nui again.

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