Makuta Lord of the Void (Makuta rebric entry)

Here he is. Finally. But he dose not have the updates on all the pictures since some of them have sets that have now been disasembled and i simply do not want to assemble them again just for some pictures. But anyhow here he is:

Here he is, challenged by Ekimu.

And he deletes the mask maker with ease.

Now that he finally has his brothers mask he can recreate the universe in his image.

Here he is with the minor changes.

And with his apprentice, a shadow toa that will soon be uploaded in a topic near you.

Here is the link to my rebrick entry on this guy:{00A66255-0F67-490B-97E3-3FCD9CF12314}&a_id=6d899b2d-06b9-4076-9f33-900ee4bba66c&sortEntry=false


The hips are really gappy, and so are the elbows.


the hips and elbows are extremely gappy, as are the wrists.

Other than the few gaps, this is solid.

aay, is that Ahkmou I see?


maaaaaaby :wink:

@Sammythekat @AwesomeJoel27 i know but i do not know how to fix it.

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give images of the hips disconnected from the legs, and the hip connecters on the legs disconnected from the torso

don’t but in the throwbot arm for the hips.

give me similar shots of the elbow- upper arm’s elbow (disconnected), and forearm elbow (disconnected)

@Sammythekat here are the pictures:

hope thees are enough.

I wouldn’t think of this as a Makuta incarnation, more like a prototype for an exo-toa or a dark hunter.

As for the build itself, the Onua chest piece needs to have some sort of purple and gold to have it fit. And the lower torso seriously needs to be re-worked.

I like how bulky and menacing he looks! But I might have put some trans purple in.

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@Yveran I am actually working on that but since i have already entered it in the contest it won’t matter. @decepticonaiden i do not have a lot of trans purple but ill try and get some.

Just get skull Basher, Quake Beast and Onua 2016. That should give you enough trans purple.

@decepticonaiden skull basher i can probably get and i already have onus but i have not seen quake beast anywhere in my country which is sweden.

If you ordered one off amazon, would t arrive in time?

it would be way too expensive.

like, 37$.

not mentioning the price for 3-day shipping.

ya I was to late with that but I am still going to improve him but It might take some time.