Makuta Luroka

This is Makuta Luroka. His body towers at 14 bio (63 feet), but he reduces his size on occasion. His armor weighs 983,911 lbs and is of a very high temper. He wears the Kanohi Mataxa, the great mask of entropy. It grants him the power to control the distribution of heat in a given area by raising or lowering entropy. He wields the Onui-Onoi sword (Black-Body sword), a magic black protosteel sword whose blade absorbs light. This sword is also given such a temper as to render it the hardest object in the universe. In addition, he wields the powers typical of a makuta, but has developed an unmatched mastery over magnetism, using it to further augment his incredible strength. Complimentary to his vast power is his incredible mind. As a Brotherhood scientist, Luroka had no equal, and even Teridax's schemes pale in comparison to Luroka's brilliance. All in all, he is a being of incredible power, and an unstoppable force when he sets his sights on something.

Initial gallery:

I have made some small changes to him since then, and more current detail shots can be found here:

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You already know what I think about the MOC (not to mention the character). stuck_out_tongue Welcome to the Boards!

I just have to say it: The silver avohkii! That out of the way cool moc! smile


looks like it's about the size of my self-moc

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But seventeen times as powerful! With a twelve-mile space station! And the power to freeze you midair in about six different ways!


The neck is a bit long, but other than that the MOC looks great.

The head.

Why is the head so small

The rest looks pretty alright, but the head is

So are those wing using bootleg bionicle darkredandblack wings?

They are actually prototype parts.

Are you sure? Trans parts arent cheap, thus prototypeparts are usualy mixed plastic leftovers or not-trans-colour pieces

Edit: I ment trans plastic

Yes, I am quite certain that they are the prototype parts I got in 2012 as one of the perks from BZP for sending MOCs to the convention circuit.

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If thats true, lego. lost bit more money, aswell as loose if they would use white plastic (clear plastic and white costs the most)

Creep, I'm not sure what you mean. Sometimes Lego produced as few as one or two copies of a piece, often around a dozen, if they wanted to test the mold or see how certain colors would look before finalizing the set. I don't think it'd've cost them much.


Wasn't this at the Birmingham Brickfair?
I'm pretty sure I remember the name on a tag and it looks exactly the same.

I'm pretty sure it was.
Wasn't there myself, though.

Indeed it was. It will also be at BricksCascade, BrickUniverse, and BrickFair NJ, VA, and NE. I myself will try to be at BrickUniverse and at BFVA

You'd better go to BFVA so I can
punch you in the face
hug you?
punch you in the face


Well im saying that white and transparent plastics costs more than farbed plastic, by that i mean difference of cents

Cool blade design. What does the crystal on the hilt do? Or is it just ornamental?

Awesome chest armor design. Also like how the zamor sphere launchers were used as integral parts of the upper arms. Looks amazing.

The feet are interesting. But then again, he's a Makuta.

Nice job!

Thanks! I really liked the chest armor as well, and think I really accomplished something there.
The crystal is just there to look cool.