Makuta, manipulator of shadows

So, you can guess that this is my submission to the Makuta building contest. when I found out about the contest, I ran to my legos to build this. I only saw the rules and other entries after building him. I know this is small and bland in comparison, but I didn’t have the heart to take him apart. I’m also used to my work being bad, so I’m basically waiting to (not) be randomly picked.

I don’t know how I got this picture, but I think the effect looks cool:

Here he is, fighting Ekimu (also, size comparison)


I think that “effect” is coused by dust on the lens I had something simolar happen once

Actually, the lens was clean. The lamp was old, so I think dust got kicked up when I picked it up. You’re right, the “effect” might be dust. It’s probably just dust in suspension. good call, I wouldn’t have thought of dust as causing that.