Makuta Meitheriax

Meitheriax is a female makuta, don't let the colors fool you, she willingly joined teridax during his revolution, and will kill a toa regardless of alliance, if you cross her and you're not a makuta, you're better off just running and hoping the great spirit is watching.


size comparison


so, what do you think?


It looks really good!
Also I would recommend putting all your mocs into a single topic.


I don't make mocs that often, if I was making more than one a week I would.

Wow m8 that's some gr8 b8 i r8 it 7.8/8 too much pot8o no h8

But seriously, I love this MoC.

This is cool!

Well you've been making a lot recently, I would suggest making one anyway ...

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He seems....cluttered. I like the idea and all, but..........armor placement and coloration needs work.


seems like a bulky paladin/angelic enemy... I think I like

Also more female makuta plz

To me its the same

But the more I make mocs, the more topics I just make

Then there are just a ton of different topics with my mocs on them and its all messy

And thats why I have the moc topic

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