Makuta Metae

BAS Challenge #15: Design a Makuta

"Makuta Metae, an member of the Sisterhood of Makuta, was noted for her discovery of the Kraata’s ability to infect Kanohi masks. During the Great War on Mata Nui, she was one of many Makuta tasked by Teridax to fit the infected Kanohi onto the Rahi to make them servants of the Makuta."

Personally, I'm not really into designing OC characters, I'm much more comfortable with more official characters. This really originated from me wanting to incorporate more real-life culture aesthetics into my art. So I was re-designing the movie-style Kraahkan with more African influences, but it ended up looking more like a Dragon Priest mask from Skyrim.



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That's pretty sweet.
Also welcome back @Crunchy!


Very nicely detailed! Love the rustic metallic colours! Really gives him the old tribal look of the original Bionicle! I would distribute the trans green more (in b/w the joints), and give him just a bit more bulk. Also, that tunic-cloth-thing looks kinda out of place...

Interesting. Love the style, but I feel some things are a bit off. The head feels a bit too small to me, but that's just my opinion.

I like how you showed the parts that make it up.

so radical

Very interesting look; I like the hau on the bag. Even more impressive to me, honestly, is the art style, which just looks fantastic.


I think you succeeded incorporating African influences into the figure; it really shows for me.
The masks are a really nice touch too.

So how'd you learn how to draw?


A lot of art classes, both in high school and college and years of drawing the bonkles for B:NG. The best advice I can give and this is from one of my teachers: Take up figure drawing. If you learn figure drawing, you can do anything. So draw those nakkid people.


This is epic, But kind of creepy.

But still EPIC!!!