Makuta (MNOG)

I’ve seen plenty of representations of Makuta (Teridax) across the community, but not once have I seen a representation of his appearance in the Mata Nui Online Game aside from his small Tohunga form. So I’ve taken on the task of creating his swirling mass of pieces. How did I do? I know I used CCBS to make the core structure, but I feel it’s the best way to create the black tendrils with enough connection points to add as many of the swirling pieces as possible.


It’s just a mess of parts binded randomely together, but it makes sense


It’s basically just a mess of random pieces, but it makes sense within the context, and it’s pretty accurate to MNOG. Nice work!

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Perfect! I mean the ccbs is a bit out of place, but it really works!

I made a similar moc a while back (I think it’s somewhere on the boards still), but I’m glad to see someone else’s interpretation/execution of the idea. Good job!

Edit: Never mind, the images seem to be gone on my old topic.

Pretty good! I like how you have used a few parts of different colors in the mass, just like in the game.

Only possible improvement I can recommend is maybe trying to make it more “spherical”? It’s a bit too vertically oblong.

But nice job!

This is amazing! I would ask for instructions but I know that All you need to do is connect all your extra CCBS parts together and put an infected Hau in the middle!

YES! I’ve been waiting to see something like this.