Makuta MOC

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Once again, mate.

put that in the post itself, not the title.

As for the MOC itself, @Dragon_fan,

it looks to be an imitation of JtO makuta, with no real unique flare to it.

it just kinda gets washed out by the rest of the JtO Makuta-esque contest entries.


Honestly I have never seen Jto so I wouldn’t know

so, you haven’t seen the “let’s build JtO Makuta” topic, or any other topics that have the makuta design?

have ya been sitting under a rock for the past 2-3 months???

Nope, nope and nope.

So then how’d you get that staff design?
And the loin cloth design?


This guy is a prophet

either that, or he’s lying.


It’s also possible he saw that and was like “yo dis is kool” and didn’t realise it was JtO.
Then again that’s a far stretch.

To OP, why both trans-orange and trans-purple?
Doesn’t look good.


1st: rude
2nd: a friend sent me a link to the contest

I just wanted to try to make a spinning staf and that is just the best i was able to do whiteout making it way to big. As fore the cloth i just wanted the evil lord to have a big cape

If the design that sammythecat showed me is the Jto design then no this is the first time i’ve seen it

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But it’s like literally the EXACT SAME DESIGN except for some more beast claws things.


Well sometimes life leads you down strange paths

Yes, yes it does

i LOVE this moc! i actually made…(ahem) 23 actual entries of my own…yah i know…way to much…anyway. YOURS blows away any of the ones i did!. great job :laughing:

OMG thank you thats so nice.:smile: