Makuta Morathix: The Fifth Son

Yup, works for me now.

Thanks again for participating!

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No problem, I thank you for giving me something to participate on.

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The off-white for the biceps and shins looks rather out of place, and the grey side-skirts seem rather random and don’t do much for the appearance, really only breaking the cohesion. The same goes for the random claws on the front of the thighs.

From what I can see, this MOC looks really cool, though it’d be better if there were more pictures from different angles.

I was reading through the many paragraphs before the pics thinking this moc better be good if it lets me down them i don’t even know what I’ll do. You didn’t let me down this is great

Oh wow, thank you.

Thanks, I will be uploading more photos soon.

I can agree with the chest. - But I don’t really feel like the lower legs are off-putting, same goes for the spikes.

EDIT: Oh wow, this is actually the first time anything I made got a spot on the front page.

I would recommend constantly selecting all of the text and copying it just in case you lose it, especially on a giant post like this…

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Very interesting MOC you’ve made here
So first, the backstory seems great to me, very dark and mysterious, just like these stories are supposed to be.
The MOC itself looks very good as well, though I would have to make a few nitpicks:

  1. I’m not really into this lower leg design. It just really breaks the clean look of the rest of the MOC.
  2. Are these Elek claw pieces on the skirt. They don’t look that good (even though i don’t have that much of a problem with that) and they stick out due to their coloring, as they’re the only silver piece on the MOC
    Apart from that, the MOC seems awesome. Good job :ok_hand:
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I will think about making some changes around what you mentioned. Thanks for the feedback.