Makuta Morathix: The Fifth Son

So, due to my internet being completely goofy and unbelievably frustrating, the previous draft of this Topic did not safe. - Basically, two whole hours of writing went into vain. - It is infuriating.

Anyways, I will try to rewrite it as best as I can.

This MOC was created and cobbled-together under the influence of previous attempts at Makuta MOCs, specifically my Texxidos revamp and Makuta Ahkaxx.

This MOC is made for the amazing Brotherhood of Makuta project by our lovely board memeber @Gilahu

I had quite an excessive story written for this guy, sadly my drafts were lost in the making and so I will have to do with a shortened version of it.

Here is some basic character blurb.

Name: Morathix

Titles: The Fifth Son, The Fifth Brother, Wrath the Serene


Morathix was the fifth Makuta to emerge from the pool. Thus, he refers to himself as the Fifth Son of Mata Nui. - While many other Makuta hold brotherly relationship to Mata Nui and see themselves as his equal, Morathix thinks of himself as the Son of the Great Spirit. - Since his inception, he tended to spend lonely and long nights in his secret laboratory that was located far away from any other Makuta. - Henceforth, many viewed him as an outsider. - Despite not appearing in presence of his brother too often, Morathix always knew about the latest happening and intrigue among the Makuta. - This surprising informativeness made many Makuta paranoid and uneasy when in his presence, some even feared that he knew their darkest secrets.

While Morathix was present when Teridax set the Plan in motion by overthrowing Miserix, he was also soon informed about Miserix’s supposed “death.” - When he got the information that the one responsible for Miserix’s demise is Krika, he started suspecting that Miserix is still alive due to Krika’s nature. - He always accounted for Miserix’s return one day but he didn’t dare to investigate his disappearance any further because he was kept at bay by the fear Teridax imposed.

Since then, Morathix started thinking about all the possible outcomes and plans that Teridax might have in mind. - Unluckily, Morathix was never able to strike, for whenever he tried, Teridax put a new obstacle in his way with the intention of stopping Morathix’s curiosity.

Only few years before the Plan was near its end, Morathix mysteriously disappeared and his possessions were passed down to the Makuta that were close to him. - Nobody even dared to question his disappearance. - Some rumors indicate that Teridax finally had enough of his brother’s constant prying, others say that he is still alive. - Regardless of that, Morathix never appeared again and did not attempt to interfere with the Plan. - Even then, most of the Brotherhood was restless about his demise and gossips about his Matoran experiments started spreading.

Not too long after, the Brotherhood uncovered a group of beings calling themselves the Collective of Truth’s Eye. - According to this group, Morathix was its leader. - Each member had a title corresponding with one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Wrath The Serene - Makuta Morathix
Pride The Consuming - A Steltan Noble named Dahanos
Envy The Malicious - A Vortixx Male named Bohan
Lust The Thirsty - A Vortixx Female named Drakees
Gluttony The Hungry - A lowborn Steltan named Borrag
Greed The Selfish - A Steltan Noble named Mohra
Sloth The Lazy - A Skakdi Warrior named Pohnok

Each member of the Collective was either experimented on by Morathix or supplied his experiments. Teridax ordered the Brotherhood to exterminate them. - Not a single member survived. This marked the end of Morathix’s legacy.

Personality: An outsider to many, Morathix was cold, calculative and calmly savage, if that makes sense. This behavior later erned him the title of Wrath the Serene - He would often instill fear just by mere eye-sight. In intelligence, he was second to only few Makuta, Teridax among them

“It is curious, how quickly the tables can turn against you, how easy it is to deceive or get deceived… How simple is it to get into a state of checkmate… Being a victor is truly marvelous experience. - But do you know, brother, what is even more satisfying than that? - Being the defeated… knowing that the victor wont enjoy the fruits of his victory for long and that bitter demise awaits him.” - Morathix to Teridax on the Plan

Mask: Kanohi Brakkax: Allows the user to replay memories of the mask’s wearer. - This ability can be used to display memories of all beings that wore the mask at one point or another. - The user needs to actively search for the correct memory in order to replay it.

Age: 100 000

Now that the story is finally out of the way, let’s get rooooiiiiiiight into the MOC.

Edgy pose


All according to my design.

Full body shot

Comments, Praise and Criticism are welcomed as always. :smiley:


Its nice, but a front on shot would be greatly appreciated, as well as a Nyran shot

@MakutaTexxidos don’t worry just making a joke of it


Totally… also

Did this really become a meme.

I really really like this MOC! I think it is very well done and has some creative parts usage so good job!


Totally forgot to say thanks. :>

Texas Toast, the Nyran shot meme has been a thing for two years. It doesn’t die easily.

Not sure how I feel about this fellow. If I pay attention to individual parts, I notice every flaw I see…but as a whole, he’s intimidating and gives off a powerful silhouette.


Not you too.

That’s my problem with this MOC, if I focus on one part, there are so many things wrong that I can’t even bother to count them but when I look at the whole figure it somewhat works.

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Great Krypton! I have to say I will never look at the Matatu the same way. Very nice and very Makuta-like.

Thanks. - I always thought it was a creepy mask for a Toa.

Now that is a MOC worthy of a Makuta!

As a whole he really gets the “scientist without remorse” look across, but like others already said, if you look at specific parts of him it quickly becomes… not so great.

I’m not sure if that Rahkshi armor on the upper arms was such a good decision and the waist area with those Ehlek claws just really disrupts the flow of the armor - but on the other hand it also gives him something unique.

Oh, and a piture directly from the front would be nice.


…interesting. Fitting. Can’t say that mentioning the Seven Deadly Sins in Bionicle seems to me like a particularly… good decision, but then I don’t have enough room in his “Book of the Brotherhood” entry anyways to mention all his associates by name.

Overall I have only two minor problems with the backstory:

This doesn’t work. It is said that all Makuta were at the Convocation.

Also I’m not quite sure how he could assume this:

If Krika’s “nature” would have been so predictable Teridax would have tasked someone different.
At best Morathix could consider the possibility that Krika didn’t follow Teridax’s orders to the end by thinking about why he didn’t come back with Miserix’s mask as proof. The masks of Miserix’s supporters were after all mounted on the wall of the Convocation chamber.


Oh, and I also just realized that the Matatu isn’t allowed as a mask anymore, so I would ask you to come up with a different mask power.

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It is kind of odd, I admit. - But many people usually seem to roll with the “Four Horsemen of Apocalypse” theme with some of their characters, I wanted to add something of my own to that idea. Regardless, there is no connection between the Deadly Sins and the collective in-universe. - It’s just inspiration.

Understandable, must have missed that part.

The thing is: everything to Morathix is just one of many possibilities, from them, he makes the decision to pick the most likely one or the one that supports enough proof. - Krika was never a big one on following orders and a proof of Miserix’s death was never given. - Any Makuta that has somewhat higher level of intelligence could have assumed that possibility, it only depends if they will act upon it. - Even then, Morathix is highly analytic and sees through most of his brethren. - He himself knew many things which he either chose to ignore or let alone. - He wasn’t trusted enough among the Brotherhood to conspire against either Teridax or Krika. - There wasn’t a powerbase he could use for a revolution… It was just him and few random associates. - You can’t go shouting on the streets that Earth is flat if you don’t have anyone who likes you or shares the same ideology. - That’s why he was powerless against the Plan and everything. - If he said something, he would simply be marked as a fool and a traitor, likely dying even sooner than he disappeared.

No problem, I’m allowed to use the mask’s model through, right? (If anything, make sure to keep the scope for the entry. - I might even make a draft for it.)

Kanohi Brakkax: The Mask of Memory, it allows the user to remember and replay any memory of his life with extreme precision. - The mask itself keeps the memories of all people that wore it before. - As such, it can be used to replay memories of others too.

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I wouldn’t say that. Krika is rather someone who has his own opinion but usually acts how others want him to.
But I think I get your point. The important thing is that Krika never could proof Miserix’s death.


Seems a little too powerful in general.

Either make the memory recording an active process - the wearer has to trigger the mask in order to make it “record” a memory - or remove the part about replaying the memories of others (Morathix wouldn’t have the ability to replay the memories of others anyways, since he was created by Mata Nui, got the mask, and never gave it away)

Removing this seems more reasonable.

I disagree with that sentiment, there are masks that can literally incinerate, corrode or teleport people miles across. + You WOULD have to force the target to wear it first in order to get their memories. - Nobody would willingly put that thing on.

Didn’t Teridax in the Toa Empire Universe lose his Kanohi without suffering any harm? - I believe it is quite plausible for a Makuta to take off their mask with little consequence.

Well, see it this way:

The mask was worn by someone, then he was killed and the killer wears the mask, then that one dies and some time later someone finds the mask and uses it. This is potentially an encyclopedia of everything anyone who wore the mask knew/heard/saw etc.
Ok, it depends on how exactly those memories are accessible for the wearer, but I just initially assumed that for example the new wearer sees a mountain and suddenly a picture of a horde of Zyglak living there comes to his mind, even though the wearer himself never has been there before.
Or the wearer is fighting someone and suddenly the opponent pulls off some fighting move the wearer has never seen himself - but then memory kicks in an tells him “you have to do this now”.

Which does seem a little overpowered, I think.

Sure, Makuta can change their Kanohi, but all the Makuta’s Kanohi are unique in the way that they are made out of Protosteel. I simply can’t imagine a Makuta giving away such a mask.

overall, looks nice with a generally cohesive aesthetic, though I’m not sure about the upper legs, the tank treads and claw pieces really class with the rest of the moc. Also the lower legs seem very small in my opinion.

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Replaying the memories is an active thing. - It’s like playing a video on YouTube. - You have to watch through it actively. - It’s not like “Muh… I suddenly remember everything that guy did.”

I think you missed my point: He is not giving it away… it’s more or less interrogation tool.

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Ok, but then it would be like this:

The wearer wants to listen to an important talk again, summons up the memory and listens.

But how would he know what those who wore the mask before him actually experienced? It’s like being tossed into a room with millions of unlabeled books and trying to find a very specific one.
…Actually if the wearer has to spend quite some time to actually access the memories of others and needs even more time to find specific ones, probably never managing to see all of them, that would debuff the mask enough for me to accept this power.

You mean he takes off his mask, forces his… patient to wear it and then asks his questions, hoping that his victim thinks/remembers the things Morathix wants to know?
After all I would say that the masks only records things that happen/are thought of while it is worn.

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It’s more or less as you said. Quite literally, the Mask’s Weaknesses is that you have to find the specific memory yourself.

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Ok, well, then go ahead and change that Convocation section and his mask power in the first post so that I can accept Morathix.