Makuta Nazo (Self moc update!)

So, I recently hit 1.6k subs on youtube and thought, WELL why not upgrade Nazo… AGAIN…

Bio… you can skip this if you aren’t interested and just get to the pictures ^.^

Here is Nazo. Though I typically call him “Makuta” Nazo… he isn’t truly a Makuta, instead is a species called a Korh, and artificial being created in a lab by the Makuta. As part of a project he was designed to be anatomically perfect, his body resistant to disease, aging, poisons, curses and many, MANY other status effects. As well, if his body comes across something it deems as hostile or damaging to his body that it has yet to overcome, it can slightly to severely transform his body to adapt to the situation at hand. He is even able to regenerate at a rapid rate, recovering whole limbs or massive portions of his torso in mere minutes, though it consumes a lot of power and is very exhausting after some time.

Powers wise, he controls a special element known as “Chaos.” Its origin is equal parts fire, equal parts darkness, forming a new fundamentally different element that is emotional energy. Though, this energy can also be manifested outside a physical body, usually collecting in places in the universe where there is more ambient heat energy. Thusly, there is very little in a planets artic, and none in deep space. Nazo is able to absorb it, and concentrate it to such incredible degree that its properties are not unlike super heated plasma, able to attack with devastating energy beams and explosions. His mask is the Kraahkan, which he collected from the corpse of his friend and mentor, Toa Fray, also giving him the ability to control darkness, see the darkness in peoples hearts, and peer into the unprotected minds of his opponents to create illusions.

His speed and strength are insane, allowing to overpower most anyone he comes across quickly. This is also supported by his super quick thinking ability. His I.Q. was at one point clocked in the 500’s… but the results don’t seem to be accurate since his brain literally works differently than a humans. What is easy to tell, is he processes information and comes to a decision as fast as any computer possible. In battle his already wicked reflexes become super enhanced, meaning only the most experienced have bested him one on one.

Though he has all this power, strength, and versatility… he is at his very core kind. He comes off as rude, a loner, and spiteful, but truthfully he has a desire to protect those he cares about. His extended family now is a team of five Toa which rescued him from loneliness, accepting him despite his makuta like appearance, and will stop at nothing to defeat evil… even he has to become more than evil himself.

ONTO THE MOC ITSELF. (sorry for those that read XD I’ve been adding and taking away from this moc for many, many years.)

This here is a custom foot design I made by accident one day, then realized it fit him perfectly. Its a custom foot that bends at the middle to simulate a real foots arch. Makes for great walking poses… but less than stellar support.

So strong! I like this pose in particular!

This is the first time I’ve given him a heart light of sorts… using a red tinted magnifying glass at the base of his neck!

His weapon of choice, Misery. The sword has a blade running all the way down its length… I LOVE the outcome it had.

His hands can also mutate to be armored with saw shields… Yes the Skrall did inspire his original build.

Here is his arm transformed into a blade… yes he even weaponized his ability to adapt to specific environments.

And a Chaos blaster cannon… Tri Gun was one of the first anime I ever watched.

Heelies! Yes even wheeled feet.

That was Nazo! My favorite moc ever! There was a lot of fun making this very complex build and I really enjoy your opinion below. There is more mutations and transformations I have planned for him… but really decided it wasn’t needed at the moment >.>


Neat, I like the custom foot design


Haha! I messed up. I accidently clicked “Create Post” too early… I should have fixed it now XD

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huh. This is a rare case where I don’t know what to say about a MOC. I’m a love it or hate it type of guy, but this is weird. Because I don’t like the story. It’s way too edgy, but the MOC itself is pretty darn good. But the edginess factor…

I dunno.


it looks pretty good, but the amount of different textures on the legs are a bit off setting.

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it’s good but the blue pins kill it /s but the wheel legs and other additions look rushed, but that’s probably what I would do. the head goes too far out, and looks awkward in side photos and photos where he’s turning his head.

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the blue pins are a little distracting, I’m not eljay so I don’t really mind them too much

I really like how he comes together, and I love the weapons

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@Calvatron ‘-’ Oh dear. My story gets WAY edgier… Kind of the whole reason he has a bit of a cold exterior.

@TheRed1s Yeah… I was struck with a few problems… trying to use a G1 style build mixed with G2 parts and lots of spikes… You get pistony technic pieces, smooth flat parts, and sudden spiked bits XD Tends to be hard to balance.

@Omega_Tahu I didn’t want to spend too many pieces for parts of his body that wouldn’t get used much ya know? And I see what you mean about the head… the problem is changing the design or moving it… neither are really easy.

@Middlefingerstudios Haha I was waiting for someone to complain about the blue pins. I typically don’t mind them, but understand why they are a bother. I was taking pictures and saw his calves and thought “someone… someone is going to menton those.”


Neat MOC, but I am like Eljay the blue pins bother me a little.

I really like the wheeled feet for some strange reason.

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well, not everything’s for everyone I guess. Just do what you feel works best and don’t worry about what I say.

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I’m sorry XD

but I love the rest of the moc


Well I wanted to create a world where the bad guy has already won, and the term “Hero” applies to those who are trying to resist him… and… then he happened…

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I uh

feel conflicted like Cal

but I guess it’s cool?


have you tried using a metru head? other than that I don’t know…

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I like the Metru head, don’t get me wrong… but it doesn’t achieve what I need it to. (The hair spike things that kind of resemble shadow the hedgehog.)

@JMP Haha XD> I don’t know if I should feel good or bad about that.


personally, I feel like you should eventually TRY to limit yourself, story and MOC wise, but the guy looks sorta grand

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@JMP I do agree where you are coming from, and completely see your point. Nazo is the character in the story who was intended to be without limits. Which has its good moments… and a lot more of its bad moments.

(The issue is writing it so his powers are restricted at the beginning so he doesn’t edgelord all over the face of the first major antagonist, and having it make sense.)

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Why don’t you, y’know, find a team of people to either give you suggestions or work with you?

<- I have a lot less free time than I wish I did. Though I do run a small RP group in G+, which lets me stretch a characters legs there with others…

Though there is a reason I had him killed over a year ago XD

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I really like this moc! Only issue I have is the torso, looks way too short for everything else the Moc has.

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