Makuta Noraxa, Zaria's Folly

Here’s my version of the Makuta killed by Zaria.

In the Dark Times, Makuta Noraxa was tasked with hunting down various Toa of Iron and Magnetism. Unlike most of her brethren, she had a long, snake-like tail instead of legs. Equipped with the Tryna, the Mask of Reanimation, Noraxa sent the living dead after her prey. Despite her efforts to finish the genocide, Noraxa met her demise at the hands of infamous Toa of Iron, Zaria. Allegedly, the Toa took half of her blade as a trophy.

Brotherhood Tryna by Galva, tail by Arccharger, and torso by the Underscored Double


This is fantastic! She looks quite intimidating and creepy, and also really cool when “standing” on her tail.


I always imagined various BoM members having some special animalistac Rahi features. Wings are good, but a bit overused. Snake-like Makuta, Centaur Makuta and Marine Makuta with fins. Those I want to see.

Btw is that a Zaria with Mask of Adaptation? Will you entry the contest with it?


Thank you!

I wanted to blend Noraxa in with the Makuta aesthetic. Regardless, it would be nice to see some Makuta with wackier features. My Kojol now has digitigrade legs and much larger wings for starters.

Indeed it is. I plan to enter him but I don’t expect to win haha. Hopefully the canon design happens to use the Mask of Adaptation


Some ideas for Kojol contest: Since he is known for making marine and flying Rahi, I imagine him having some amalgamation of fins/wings on his back that could be folded to form a cloak. Or even a cloak made out of tentacles.

Without having anything to compare to, I think I would vote for this. I like the overall look, you stuck to canon colors and the shoulder canons are very nice touch. I personally think Zaria should have a launcher of some sort - custom built, not the pre-existing ones.
As a Toa of Iron, Zaria does not really need a melee weapon - he can just make it on the spot. A launcher/blaster would be much more beneficial.

Your creation follows similar line of thinking, I see.


That’s a really cool idea!

Seconded. This is a very good Zaria!

I get what your saying, but I somewhat disagree. A toa of stone would be able to create a weapon on the spot, but Hewkii Inika and Mahri still use melee weapons. Maybe Zaria’s weapons good bend and change shape while fighting, to better suit the situation he finds himself in?

(But either way, this probably isn’t the place to discuss it)


I like that! This is probably what I’ll enter if TTV gets around to having Makuta contests. I still want Kabrua first

Thank you!

My headcanon is that Noraxa carried a double-bladed saber, in reference to the Inquisitors from Star Wars. With the saber having been snapped in battle, Zaria took half of the necromancer’s blade as a trophy.

Agreed. Best to save it for when their respective contests are around the corner.


I love this MOC. It works perfectly with the Makuta species.
I would like to know if it would be ok if I post my MOV of this, before I post it.

Makes we manna make my own Makuta team.

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