Makuta of Karda Nui Hypothesis

Obviously, the Makuta stationed in Karda Nui in 2008 were obliterated by the energy storm that initiated upon Mata Nui’s awakening. However, it has always perplexed me as to why they didn’t simply teleport out of Karda Nui… it certainly isn’t a distance issue, as Chirox would regularily Teleport between the island of Visorak and Keetongu’s homeland, which were massive, massive distances away from each other.

Perhaps they were unable to escape because of the Karda Nui shields prevented the Makuta from teleporting through them, in the same way they blocked the Nuva’s Suvas (Dropping bars here, excuse me) from transporting the Masks into Karda Nui.
Now, of course Artahka was able to teleport the Nuva into KN, which would destroy this proposition until the method of teleportation is considered. Artahka warps space around the subject he is teleporting, wheras the Makuta teleport themselves the standard way: Dissociating at a molecular level and reconstituting at the desired destination. Artahka is able to bypass the shiels in the same way Brutaka does with the Olmak; neither really pass through the shields in the way a Makuta would have to. This is why the Makuta are stuck in the death sphere when the storm starts.

If any of this is either already canon or contradicts canon make sure to correct me, not that you guys wouldn’t jump on the chance already :stuck_out_tongue:


Only thing I can think of that contradicts this theory is how Gorast explains what happened to Icarax: He tried to teleport, but his atoms were scattered. Gorast then explains how part of him will materialize in Karda Nui, part of him in Metru Nui, etc. So apparently the Makuta potentially could get out.
In “The Final Battle” Bitil actually tries to teleport away from the energy Storm, but it’s described that the energies of the storm interfered with his power and “he went nowhere” - since otherwise he wasn’t fast enough, the storm got him.

Does he?


There definitely are shields around Karda Nui that prevent teleporting in/out, because that’s why the Toa Nuva had no access to their suvas while in Karda Nui.

As for Icarax, well, it’s very possible that Gorast was simply mistaken, and forgot about the shields around Karda Nui. It’s quite likely that all of Icarax is still in Karda Nui. Or… well, teleporting works by scattering your atoms and then reconnecting them, so they have to be connected during the trip, by some sort of energy or something. Gorast and Vamprah blew apart the connection between Icarax’s atoms, though, so maybe his atoms were able to go through the shields around Karda Nui.

As for Bitil – It says he tries to teleport, but not where to. He probably just tried to teleport to the entrance, where he could have gotten to safety.


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@Gilahu He does indeed; those are his assigned regions. You bring up a good point about Icarax and Bitil, but I think @Willess12 hit the nail on the head with his reasoning.

I meant - is it actually anywhere stated that Chirox used teleportation to travel between those two regions? Because I’m not aware of anything like that. And if it isn’t stated then the only indication that teleporting over such great distances works would be that Teridax got from Mahri Nui to Metru Nui that fast.

The Makuta’s teleportation powers were discussed in some depth here a while ago:

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I just spent ages looking for where I read it, but I can’t seem to find it. Maybe I’m mis-remembering, but I could have sworn I read it somewhere. Dangit.

My headcanon is the Makuta of Karda Nui lost their ability to teleport when they mutated into bat and insect-like creatures. Makuta are essentially antidermis in a robotic shell. Maybe the toxic atmosphere of KN suppressed the antidermis’ abilities by altering its chemistry. It would explain why their other powers were never used, but their masks still worked. I could be completely wrong. Better to ask Greg about this.

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Hmm, I like the idea about the toxicity in the Karda Nui air. The Phantoka Makuta actually weren’t mutated by the pit mutagen, but perhaps air drifting upward from the swamp affected their antidermis, but not the organic matter and Metallic protodermis of the Toa and Matoran. Icarax’s short time spent there could also be why he is still able to teleport- or wait, he’s been devolved my Ignika at this point. Nevermind. Good theory, though, @Likus

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