Makuta Power - Quick Healing?

Hey so I was wondering, what is the point of the Quick Healing power Makuta have? if they cannot use it to heal/repair thier armor with it what is it’s use? Or can they?

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Quick Healing

Kraata of Quick Healing are Lemon Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic, while Rahkshi of Quick Healing are Black/Brown. Quick Healing can only heal organic material

and cannot be used to heal normally irreparable wounds or remove poison. It also cannot be used to heal Spherus Magna natives. In the Makuta’s armies, Rahkshi of Quick Healing tended to serve as medics rather than warriors. Following their evolution, the Makuta were no longer organic and were therefore only able to use this power to heal others.


The BS01 entry doesn’t quite give the full picture. The 2003 Kraata list says:

Almost indestructible; if captured, can be used to heal the injuries of others.

However, the Makuta Powers list in Makuta’s Guide to the Universe says:

Quickly heals any physical or elemental blow.

This change implies it actually can’t heal others, which is something Greg has echoed.[1][2]


Would make sense since it is said melding makuta got good versions of their powers. Self healing would become healing others.

No it doesn’t imply that. It simply extends the information provided. Also, the first quote you linked describes how Rahkshi of quick healing would use their power in a combative way DESPITE being primarily used as army medics. The second qoute shouldn’t be considered because it is overruled by other more numerous and detailed answers.

I can see how you come to that conclusion from this one example, but in the wider context of these two lists, that doesn’t hold.

Take Density, for example. The 2003 list says:

Complete control over own density and that of any object in physical contact

Whereas MGttU says:

Complete control over own density, able to turn intangible or Protosteel hard.

Just as MGttU left off healing others from Quick Healing, it leaves off controlling the density of objects for Density, so you could come the conclusion that MGttU simply extends the 2003 description. However, Greg was adamant that Density cannot control the density of objects, only the user themselves. The same goes for the change for Limited Invulnerability. Plus, if we’re going by the Tiers of Canonicity from The Great Archives, books take precedence over web material.

For clarity, here’s the quote:

Just based off that, how do rahkshi of darkness and other rahkshi without harmful powers (healing, invulnerability,ETC.) fight?

Well, a Rahkshi with a healing power or an invulnerability power would use the power on itself. How are you going to hurt an invulnerable Rahkshi or one who can heal itself during the battle?

Greg as a matter of fact says it “would use the power on itself,” no mention of being primarily used as a medic. You’re reading that into the answer based on another quote, ignoring the (likely) possibility they simply contradict.

Except, as stated, it is supported by MGttU, which has precedence over web content and Greg’s answers.

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