Makuta reboot moc

i was bored and i saw the ukimu set for this summer and decided i would make his counterpart


This is really groovy. :+1:

There are a few Problems though. I feel as if the legs are a little bit to short, but that might be the Camera angle.

Overall real groovy man.


It's Ekemu. And, not a bad MOC.

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Alright now this is pretty cool but I agree with Gif, the legs do seem a bit short. Could you try putting some extenders on the feet and turn the ribcage parts so the crystal armor faces forwards?

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The legs are a bit basic and the torso is really blocky, but this could work.

I'll be quite frank, I like it alot. Although that hammer might be better.

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thank you for being a frank.

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Actually, it is Ekimu.


Gold O V E R L O A D

I mean it's Makuta sure

and there's few trans-purple pieces,

and flat purple would mess it up

but there's a lot of gold

oh also the short legs ye

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The upper body looks a bit too bulky to me, but overall it is an okay moc

Well thank you for doing something different. I've seen about a thousand set-like G2 Makuta MOCs and this was a pleasant surprise.

That being said, however, he seems really messy and kind of out of proportion, but I appreciate the attempt to make a large, custom Protector build!

For me the issue is just simply too much gold and too much use of the 2015 armour piece. Other than that i can see it working. The idea of the Onua style of body makes sense, its just that i cant see it really representing either his upgraded form, his original form or a counterpart to Ekimu (Given the massive amounts of gold)