Makuta sartax M.O.C

Name : Sartax

sacred curse (weapon) : The Devils Key

occupation : The current Makuta of my universe

his status : alive and killing

His theme :

His battle theme :

music made by retro specter

His backstory. Sartax was one of the few Makuta to actually be on the side of the current incarnation of the spirit of Okoto until he found the Devil’s beast mask which is a mask that cannot be worn it only fuses to the current kanohi that the person is wearing and causes them a forever lasting pain hence how it got its name and as for Sartax he was not affected by the pain but instead his Darkam energy was boosted to an incredible amount which caused a giant earth quake that killed millions. He is never actually seen using his sacred curse and when asked he says “if i were to use that tainted sword everyone in 100 Galaxy radius would be dissolved from existence therefore i use my gun” and one last thing this is not my entry for the community build project.


It’s a Little to gappy and simplistic fory taste bit I like the gun


The over all moc looks weird. His lower hands and legs are way too bulky. It also needs more red. The gun seems to be OK, but the mask is out of plase, try to change it’s color or add more gold.
And again, why you call the weapon sacred curse?

yeah i actually think i put more time into building the gun thank the actual moc

We can all agree the gun is the best part about this.