Makuta Shapeshifting confusion

Ok so I am a little uncertain about something when it comes to the Shapeshifting ability that Makuta have, when Teridax was masquerading as a Turaga then can Shapeshifting alter the users mass? Or is Teridax originally only about 4 foot three and didn’t get large until absorbing Nidhiki and Krekka and Nivawk. Which I find hard to believe…anyway please clarify this for me. Thank you everyone!

As I understand it, Makuta need energy from somewhere in order to get larger when they transform. Getting smaller would just require them to dump some matter somewhere else. So, Teridax was originally much larger than a Turaga, he dumped the extra matter to turn into Dume, and then when he wanted to get big again, he needed matter from somewhere, and grabbed the nearest beings with his shadow hand. Hope this helps!

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Actually, according to BS01, each Makuta has a personal pocket dimension where they can story unused body fat.


I stand corrected!

Teridax just absorbed Nivawk, Krekka, and Nidhiki for kicks, then…?


Miserix transforms dragon-sized obesity into slim warlord body in MINUTES thanks to this one trick


I guess so…who would have thought.

I think he did need the body mass for some reason - TSO describes seeing aspects of their armour in his Shadow Titan form and recognizing them - but perhaps he’d been in a fight where he’d been injured and lost some weight (lol) sometime shortly before '04 story.


That would make sense. As much as ol’ Terry lacks any qualms whatsoever about murder, I don’t see someone as street-wise as him, with master plans within master plans, doing something that would likely start a war with the dark hunters for no reason whatsoever.