Makuta teridax 2003 revamp

My makuta set finally came in the mail and immediately the peices went to the revamp. Got the set secondhand as a kid so I needed the mask.

New joints include knees, feet, and shoulders. All rakshi containers open and the head retains the mask switching "gimmick" of the original. He can also store the weapon on hugs back. He's actually around as tall as 2015 ultra build darth Vader (who I found out can wear my bionicle jet pack moc with no mods to the set. Who knew.) I basically went what I think the stars tried and failed to do; modernize some classic sets.

My only con is that the legs are somewhat unstable in poses due to to rounded peices I used for the curved feet, but I never saw makuta as a flashy Poses model or character anyway. The topheavy body doesn't help but I think it's mostly the legs. If anyone has any suggestions on that please share.

Here's a pic of the original just for reference.


not bad, pretty cool, I like it

Not bad at all.

lookin good, looking good

Looks great! It looks similar to the original, but it has all the needed posability! Also, maybe add friction adders to the ankles if you want to stabilize the legs.

I enjoyed the original set, inspite its flaws, and this manages to capture the look of the original well and the tweaks made do improve it a fair deal.

does his best darth vader impression Most impressive;.

I have 2 major complaints

1 those shoulders need to be redesigned, they don't look right, the nuva chests should be part of the chest imo.

2 no tubes on the body.

that's it.

I guess it's how you look at the original. I always saw the the nuva chests as his shoulders. And I actually did add the tube; that change was more of a personal problem though.
I liked the bio mechanical idea, but the execution was wrong to me; he looked like he had tubes coming out of his armpits and it just Looked stupid for the bionicle version of "the devil". I covered it so it looks more like his "organs" protected by the armor.

Looks grrrreat.

Well, considering makuta are gaseous beings in suits of armor, the tubes make sense to me.

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Even so I just didn't like the look of it exposed. Plus for a gas in armor it makes more sense so the tube it hidden and can't be easily cut.