Makuta Teridax Discussion

As discussed on the most recent podcast, Makuta was never a very interesting character in the movies, being one of the most bland movie villains of all time but in the story becoming a fan favorite. I have my own opinion, Makuta reminding me of being psedo-Hitler in the Bionicle universe (I hate Hitler, just to be clear), being such a violent villain for a toy line. And even returning in Gen 2, Makuta still is a staple in the Bionicle story. Now, begin your discussion!


I'm like, the one guy who'd be cool with a G2 Makuta doing a Heel-Face Turn


I love our founder and overlord, the one and only Illumakuta.
Seriously tho, he was an interesting villain in the main story, but he definitely isn't my favorite big bad ever.


I really enjoyed Teridax's character in the original continuity, his ability to successfully orchestrate a master plot to overthrow the Great Spirit made him a very unpredictable villain, not to mention his actions made him quite the threatening force and a worthy opponent to the Toa. However, what I like most about him is that he still seems to show signs of dignity, he wished to "protect" his brother as a means to make him look like a hero (if you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the latest BIONICLE Autopsy). This also leads me to another thing I like about Teridax's character, he's not evil for the sake of being evil, he has an actual and pretty sorrowful backstory. He and the other Makuta were a major factor in helping the Matoran Universe function, though despite that, the Matoran were praised for their efforts, leaving the Makuta to work tirelessly with no thanks from the Matoran who only respected them out of fear.

I really enjoyed Teridax's character on the whole in G1 and I am curious to see how they will flesh out the new version of him in G2.


you're not alone I'd be okay with it


I'd probably quit the fandom if that happened.

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I don't agree with this analogy.

Teridax never intended to harm the MU inhabitants.
he just wanted recognition (, respect, and power) for his (and the other makuta's) actions (much like G2)

I kind of like ol' Terri.


that seems unnecessarily drastic, this is not the same makuta, if it fits is character I'll be fine with it

He's now a mask hoarder. 'Nuff said.


Gen1 Makuta: "I am jealous of Mata Nui because even though I do all these hard labor to keep the Matoran Universe intact, I get no praise but instead get feared and shunned by the Matoran whom I protected, so now I turn against my brother and put him in an endless sleep. I plan on taking over the entire Matoran universe and I will be their GOD whom they will be forced to worship. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Gen2 Makuta: I'm jealous of Ekimu because people like his masks better than mine.


This is most evident when he kills off the other makuta in the storm of Karda-Nui.
Such a benevolent, yet tragically misunderstood hero.


maybe he got corrupted on his time guarding the Matoran of Mata-Nui?

No wait, he killed the good Makuta back then.....


he became evil due to the six kingdoms?

I think the Six Kingdoms gave him ideas for a take over.

watch a HF fan wander in and be like "wot?"


I like the original idea of how he would have been revealed in Mask Of Light;

Makuta cares for the Matoran more than Mata Nui and values there safety, in essence filling a role similar to the Seventh Toa. While the Seventh Toa's goal is to awaken Mata Nui, Makuta would have wanted him kept asleep to prevent the destruction of the island. In essence it would have made him a more misguided hero rather than just a plain villain

I feel that his actual G1 representation is a bit of a mess, throwing in a 'master plan' to explain his constant failures and odd decisions. The more interesting villains in the series are more manipulative, such as Roodaka.

Roodaka manipulated a king and had two plans for how she could free Makuta. When Vakama became evil she took that into her plan and exploited it and planned for the eventuality of him betraying her, regardless of how much sense it made that destroying a sliver of Protodermis would free him.

As for G2 Makuta, assuming he is also a variant of Teridax, I'd prefer to see them go with the Mask Of Light style of idea. Where he is more misguided but justified in his reasoning. He wants to be acknowledged so he creates a Mask Of Power, however the Mask's energies overwhelm him. He removes the mask, but he's been driven slightly crazy by its power. He tries to do the right thing, but like Gollum, he is warped.


Well, Makuta may not have been EXACTLY like Hitler, but when he takes over the Matoran universe, he sends his soldiers to dominate over the entire universe, he kills all of his rivals, as he even mentions that he wanted to destroy those who could defy him. Yes, he wanted recognition, but he still ordered Krika and Spiriah to kill Misarix, a Makuta who was more just than Terridax was. He was willing to let Mata Nui destroy the Matoran Universe during the battle on Bara Magna, and also willing to destroy an ENTIRE PLANET.

I hope for Garmadon-turns too.

But yeah, this time around, Makuta's moresoever the misjudged, neutral character. I feel as if Ninjago is really Bionicle, and that this reboot will have Ninjago aiding Bionicle in character development and plot development. Thus, I hope to see Good Makuta within 2 years, then kill him off in 2020.


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Not sure the Hitler comparison is necessary... personally I don't view Makuta as anything similar

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Now anyways, back on topic. I find this new Makuta to be akin to Garmadon; being controlled by an entity of power. Maybe he'll make a mega-weapon out of all of the masks, and turn into a dragon featured in a Bionicle 2015 playset!

The above was simply speculation. Please do not take this literally.

I wouldn't like a dragon Makuta. If anything, he needs to look like a jackal or something, or maybe like a bat, like classic Makuta.


Well, something akin to overlord-possessed Garmadon would be nice. A large Jackal trying to kill Takanuva would be, well, strange.