Makuta Teridax Inika build MOC

This is a MOC i made of Makuta Teridax using the Inika build. I was unfortunately not a bionicle fan at the time of the 03 Makuta set so i made this one as my own version of him

please share your thoughts smile


The shins are kinda gappy, the wings are weird and Terridax wears a Mask of Shadows. Other than that, it's good for an Inika build.
EDIT: Gold toes break the color scheme.

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  • Definitely a Bulkmaster (in other words, he's bulky wink)
  • The color scheme is somewhat consistent, but not entirely due to the golden Piraka toes and gray hands
  • The Raanu legs on the sides of the MOC makes it look gappy
  • The calves are pretty gappy and strange-looking
  • The open ball-joints on the sides of the ankles gives it an unfinished look
  • The lower arms need some sort of armor.
  • The Toa hands on the side look off and don't really cover anything
  • The connection between the foot and the leg does not seem secure
  • The wings are not large enough to allow it to fly

I would give it a 5/10.

At first glance the MOC seems fine, but the more you stare at it, the more issues arise. I am sorry if I came off too hard.

Needs Work wink

Wonky legs and open ball-joints do not make for a good looking creation. Other than that, it's pretty good for an Inika build.

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Great job! He looks really menacing. But I have to agree with @PluralLego that the more you look at it the more you see the flaws. The legs could use some work but from the waiste up it looks great. One last thing is maybe get a mor appropriate mask for him. If he has powers over shadow I don't think he'd need the mask of night vision laughing

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@PluralLego has pointed out most of the worthwhile flaws. Though I must say, I love the wings and the torso for some reason. You gonna make a V2?


if i had any more pieces! (nektann has taken up the rest of my black pieces)


Psst nekton took them up for A good Reason he is great! Just sayin wink

I love this, because it brings so many great memories of me making my own Makuta mocs when I was younger, I would always use Radiak's mask (because I thought it looked like movie Makuta) or a black Mata head with red eyes, and give it a huge staff, oh, and it would always be SO huge.

So, just because of the awesome memories this gave me, I rate it:




Just because of that?

You give so many 10/10s that it's almost not funny stuck_out_tongue


Yeah, I'm going to try to give better ratings, and think about them. smile

I, on the other hand, have to work on being a bit less critical. confused

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He should probably use the krakkan(mask of shadow).