Makuta Teridax Moc

This is my take on Makuta Teridax, the big bad of Bionicle. I was loosely inspired by his look in the movies and Bionicle the video game.

Here he is along side his matoran form. He’s quite tall

I don’t own the Mask of shadows so I decided to make my own brick built version. I think it turned out pretty good.

This moc ended up being roughly around 89 percent system. I don’t have that many black Bionicle pieces that would work for makuta. However I feel like this system heavy look works in the mocs favor. It allowed me to make him look more organic.

For my take on Teridax, I wanted him to wield a hammer. I thought it would be a neat idea and a departure from the typical staff. A neat inclusion is the Hau on his side. I imagine makuta uses this mask to project himself as a matoran to the Toa.

If it isn’t apparent there is a fair amount of green transclucent pieces found throughout this build. This is a representation of antidermis flowng through him.

Here’s some final pictures of makuta, about to face off takanuva

Feel free to share your thoughts about this moc


The torso seems quite blocky, but overall this looks pretty good, especially for a primarily system build.

He’s definitely alien in nature; I like the look of him honestly, and his weapon’s pretty interesting to look at too.

Doesn’t it look more like Stronius though?

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