Makuta Teridax movie version (drawing)

So I drew my favorite villain from my favorite bionicle movie

When it comes to drawing bonkle characters, I usually modify or change their designs, but not this time. Though the set was bad even for its time, they did a great job at redesigning it for the film at the first place, so I didn’t have to bother.

So how do you like the drawing? I always appreciate your feedback:)

And what bionicle characters would you like to see my drawings of? Please let me know :smile:


This might just be how it is in the actual movie, but his arms are really small.


Glad he still demonstrates his firm, immovable squat.


Oh, are they?

Maybe it’s because this is the only reference material besides the concept art I have found on the internet…

Really nice work man, could you do Lhikan?

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The shading is well done on this, particularly on the rusty, red metal bits.

Kinda makes me want to see a Bayformer style Teridax.

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You’ve perfectly captured the crust and shading of this cgi chicken, well done.

The weakest areas are the nuva armour pieces, as all of them are malformed in one way or another. Otherwise though, it’s a good likeness.

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Tiny hands Makuta is cute.