Makuta Teridax (Old Reboot MOC)

Here is a MOC of Makuta I made 3 years back. It dont even think it is built anymore. Tell me what you think.


Relatively gappy and the arm is reality thin.
Can’t say anything more rather than the fingers having odd knuckle spikes. :fist:

I’ll be honest, since you mentioned its probably dissasembled I wont bother with a more adequate review, but besides the gaps on it, this moc had some really neat stuff going on, specially with the ignika traped inside its chest. I also like the use of rahkshi parts since lore-wise it would have been adequate, specially when it comes to putting a few krata’s inside of them.

It’s gappy, scrawny, and is missing red and gunmetal, two of his most prominent colors.
I’ll at least give you credit for the hoses though.

Not bad, not bad

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