Makuta Teridax (Revamp 3.0)

this has come a long way...

am I a "good moccist" yet?

this moc has always been based on the 03 Makuta set, and no other design, though it may take some minor inspirations from the miramax teridax, and from the SIC series. this has the same color layout as said 03 set, as was intended, it also has wide shoulders like the set. this is the largest moc I've made, and has eaten my parts bin.


Very well done

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Well done, Payinku.

He look amazing.

Wait 'till I get mine done, then we'll have a fight. stuck_out_tongue


Holy beefy shoulders!

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The neck seems a little too long. Otherwise, this is a ok_hand MOC!

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that's to keep him from looking like the hunchback of voya nui, and the kraahkan-to-body ratio accentuates it.


but yiiiiiiiiiiiink

hunchbacks are always evillllllllll


Yeah, never trust a hunchback... coughStrakkcough

Wow @Payinku, now THIS is much better.

Reminiscent of the original Makuta
Consistent Colour Scheme
Completely original and unique build
Has the devil's goat legs
Wolverine Claws

No real neck. It's just chest, then head. Need a distinct transitional neck area

Not sure how I feel about the Avohkii on his chest.
Upper body as a whole looks too "clumped" together and just, HUGE compared to his arms and legs. Try shaving some armor off (I never envisioned Makuta as a huge buff brute, but maybe that's just me)

Verdict: 9/10


ahh, so that's what a neck is...

I'm getting mixed signals here...


This is epic. As a titan, I feel it should've been 2010's makuta or something


Nice. 8/8. Fabulous. 2spooky4me. Do I need to go on?

I can't find anything you need to fix. Well done smile

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Bionicle 2015 according to @ToaofUltimateDoom: "I got no neck"

I am not responsible for the content in this video.

No necks are fine, if that's what you guys see; his neck looks fine to me.

There are... no necks on him.


Wow... he looks fierce.

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The upper legs are too gappy, they could use some more bulk.
His chest seems a bit big for the rest of his body.
The neck is fine.

Other than that, pretty great.

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okay so
upper chest area seems
otherwise gr8 moc


I would have liked to have seen him in a action pose with his weapon drawn. But other than that, this is an excellent incarnation of the Master of Shadows.

the only reason I didn't put him in an action pose is that some of his joints are a bit loose from age, and I had a bunch of mocs to take pictures of, so I didn't want to bother.

that's probably because it's the oldest part of the moc.

huh, I expected 7/8 to complete the rhyme.

gappy? a touch thin sure(I actually made them thin on purpose to look more like the set.), but gappy? they don't have any gaps in them.

minor update, I've added more red to his waist.
also an actual comparison shot. the mocs waist is actually thinner on purpose.

maybe I should have used more lighting...


(slow clap)

I should've been more specific. The struts you use to support the legs make them look... odd.

unfortunately, there's really no way to fix that besides making him static from the waist down. he needs them to stand.