Makuta Teridax, The Arisen - Shadow Reborn

Hoo boy. This is without a doubt my largest MOC in my life. Save for the Lego city me and my brother made when we were kids, but i digress. Makuta Teridax. You all know him, you all know of his impact in the Bionicle story. But is he truly defeated?

My version of good ol’ Terry is how I imagined him as an ancient, aging titan. After Mata Nui seemingly killed Teridax, his antidermis was not destroyed, only spread far across Spherus Magna’s atmosphere. Thousands of years after the Reforming, the sentient antidermis that Teridax consisted of had gathered once again to rebuild him.

Anyway, I’m not an author, I just have imagination and a brain that won’t sit still. I have a basic idea for a story taking place thousands of years after the end of G1, starring a lot of the canon characters. We’ll see if I ever can get myself to write it, but that is a question for another day.

This MOC is big. Had to rearrange my kitchen to even have enough room to get any decent pics. These pics are still not all that great, which is more of a testament to my photographic abilities and MOC posing. Also apologize for the random black square in the back of the pics, someone painted that tiny portion of the wall before I moved in.

This MOC started out a couple months ago when I ordered the special edition mask for Ultimate Dume from BrickLink and I started building a head from it. I almost always have a hard time selecting or building heads that give MOCs that little bit of extra personality, so it was nice to have it finished from the start. The head is probably still my favorite part of this whole thing, because it really set the tone and aesthetics for the rest of the MOC.

Much like the head, I tried having a lot of smooth surfaces on the torso and limbs, while still having lots of greebling around and under the armor that the technic panels and CCBS shells create. That creates a look that I think is really consistent through the whole figure.

Overall, I am seriously happy that this was actually finished. I have probably 2-3 unfinished projects in this size that has seen either no development for months or simply are being disassembled. This could easily have ended up the same way, but something just kept me going through the last few months of making this, and finally seeing the fruits of my labor feels absolutely fantastic.

Size comparison:

So yeah, like I said, this thing is big. And heavy. I was going to weigh it, but as I was picking up my kitchen scale the battery died. I will probably update the topic once I get a hold on some batteries, because I am genuinely curious.

As always, please tell me what you think. This is a part of a series of Makuta revamps that I hope I will finish during the coming months. I posted a Gorast MOC earlier this week, and we’ll see who’s next.

Gorast topic: Gorast - Shadow Reborn

Looking forward to reading all the comments, and I hope you will stay tuned for any coming MOCs! Peace and love


This is amazing, and certainly the MOC Teridax deserves! Personally, I think the wings are a little small in comparison with the rest of the build, but that’s pretty minor. I really like the use of Ultimate Dume’s Kraahkan, though!

It’s got… really good colors

Very imposing!

Wow! It’s so huge and so cool! Great Job!
What is that piece you used for the head though?

BEEFY! I wish you luck on story writing. I have one myself that I’ve been struggling to write for a decade now.

This is so HUGE! Certainly has an intimidating look! Great job!

What a great build, good detailing and it looks very strong!

That head looks awesome, the whole moc looks sick. Really nailed the villain look!