Makuta Teridax, the Usurper

Ah yes, my favourite Pure Evil villan who went out with a bang without having a Third Act Breakdown.

I used both his versions (Prototype/Miramax version and offical set version) as a point of refrence, as well as adding some of my ideas to the mix. Color scheme comes purely from the set form. Gunmetal color was created by a mix between silver and worn-out military grey.

I also have him some minor battle damage and some adorable evil slug babies.


Looks awesome! I love your new method of taking a picture of that art

Well, the method really didn’t change all that much, since it’s still making a photo, sending it trough my messenger to computer, then downloading it and then posting on the Boards.

At least I made this photo during the day next to the window, not under that honk lamp

verwy cuwte slug babwies
I like the subtle differences like that you’ve made him skinnier and the cables leaking essence. Is this done just with plain old markers, such as bic ones? I haven’t tried a marker drawing but stuff like this really sells it.

I used colored pencils for Antidemis effect. And no, I don’t use BIC markers, I use Faber Castle markers/fineliners (0.2)

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