Makuta Teridax V3

This is the way I envisioned Makuta Teridax in an alternate story of 2016, where instead of forging the mask of ultimate power, he made a mask of darkness that looked identical to the mask of control, so that Ekimu wouldn’t be suspicious of him. C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.


Interesting idea with te mask. I like the beast-like build and his staff. I think the lower part of the torso and the neck could be thicker.

Agreed. Also, it’s a hammer.

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It’s kinda hard to tell what exactly it is. Maybe the front could be more heavy.

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Not too shabby!

The arms seem a bit long, and the shoulders are veeery wide. Back could use just a smidge more coverage, too.

Niiiice. really dig the weapon. looks pretty good

The torso seems to be too long. And the arms seems a little awkward. 8/10

Not bad. It could use some work, but it looks really cool.