Makuta Teridax! (Version Final)

Hello! Today I'm showcasing my Makuta Teridax MOC. And yes I felt it necessary to make a new thread, because let's face it, the old thread created around late May this year, is simply dead. This thread is meant to be a refresher of sorts.

Some General Knowledge: I began constructing this MOC in early August 2014 (version 1), and while it illustrated the basic appearance that I wanted. It and version 2 (originally posted in the Say Hello To Teridax thread) were not simply up to the quality I want this creation to display.

This interpretation of Makuta Teridax is supposed to serve as both a revamp of the 2003 set, as well taking some notes from Teridax's appearance in Mask of Light and Legends of Metru Nui; though it does take some liberties, I actively made sure that it reflected those sources, while not weighing towards one or another. Another thing to consider is that my main note for this MOC is that given the amount of time in the film and the people he had to work with, obviously the body is not going to be perfect. He threw together what worked.

Personal Touches Evenly scattered around the MOC are 6 Rahkshi kraata containers, one for each of Makuta's children. Tucked away in the torso is an Infected Kanohi Hau, meant as a callback to MNoG, as well as the 'true face' of Makuta.

This MOC is articulated to boot! featuring movement at two points in the head, two-to-three points in the shoulders/torso, three points in the legs and feet, 3 points in the wings, and around two-to-three points in each finger. The legs are a complete custom build using CCBS and some G1 parts, like the rest of the build.

Custom Additions! The wings are hand cut from a black-vinyl cloth purchased from Amazon, this is currently the fourth version of them.

Gallorama! Photos of this all versions of this MOC (minus 1 and 4) are available my Flickr.

I'm dedicating to making this MOC the best that it can be, so please feel free to leave any critiques in the comments that you feel appropriate.


I love it. Although the hands look a bit weird

Yes, they do. But they are much better than the way they used to be...


Oh my

he's wonderful

It made the Avohkii feel less special to me.

Thanks! As far as weapons go... He IS the weapon.

But no, he has one weapon, his Kolhii Spear.

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Exactly. He spends the whole film trying to destroy it, only for them to stuck to wrists forever. That's like Winston Churchill having to use Hitler's head as two hands.




I know you may not have much parts

but could you make a giant shadow arm/hand?

Oh dear Flying Spaghetti monster have I tried! Simpy put, without trans-red CCBS Bones and click-joints, I wont be able to. Which sucks, because I want to, very badly.


:0 Beautiful

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The legs look a bit large.

If they weren't the whole thing would collapse every time I attempt to stand it up.

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confused Eh. The build is INCREDIBLE, but I don't like it as Makuta. It's TOO big, the wings are eh, the hands are cool, but really the only thing it captures from Makuta are the colours and the mask. The arms are a tad too gappy, and his neck is too long as well.


I'm sorry, but that's lower than I rated Jurassic Park 3. cry

I'll be fixing the arms in the next iteration, but as for the neck. I tried filling in the neck with both this and this, which did not wind up working out, he couldn't move his head all that much.

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The only thing I can say is that the Kanohi Kraahkan looks so puny...


The head obviously looks too small,but you can't do much about it.
But yeah besides that it's an amazing MOC
I rate this 9.5/10


That MOC looks soo cool!
just the head looks like its too small for that gimungus MOC

Bad news for those looking forward to new/better arm construction...

Not happening, given build of the shoulders, the arms, if built using one of the ball joints at the ends of those structures, would simply be too heavy to hold a pose, even with a friction extender. The only way for the arms to remain functional, while sacrificing some of its basic appearance, is for them to stay the same until a solution comes around.

Assume, that as of the time of this comment, this MOC has nowhere left to go from here. Even the wings have sort of reached their apex.

Danm he's pumped


u wot m8

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