makuta teridax's end is not concrete

Teridax’s death differs in several sources; both Journey’s End and the Mata Nui Saga describe it as the entire Bota Magna planet which crashes into his head, while the canon [citation needed] death is from a moon fragment, described in the later sources Sahmad’s Tale and Glatorian Comic 7: Rebirth.

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how did he die? i would like a canon explanation and or confirmation.

because [citation needed] means they haven’t found where it is, which makes it a grey answer, not black/white.

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I’m fairly certain that, regardless of the finer details, something large went through his head at a very high speed.


Q: Teridax getting hit and killed by a fragment of Aqua Magna is the canon death for him, right?
A: It’s the one that makes most sense.[/quote]

Q: I just had a quick question about Makuta’s death. In the comic, he was hit by a fragment of Aqua Magna, but in both the Mata Nui Saga and the Journey’s End Novel, he is hit by Bota Magna. Which one is canon?
A: The original 2010 story bible simply says he was hit by one of the two other chunks of the planet. MNS and JE have it as Bota Magna, the comic colorist did it blue so it looked like Aqua Magna. The important point is that he was hit by a part of the one of the moons, not sure why it’s important which one it was.

Q: 1. Since the fragment that crashed Teridax’s head was confirmed by the MNS saga as Bota Magna while the comic doesn’t state which planet the fragment came from, that confirms that a Bota Magna frament, not an Aqua Magna, fragemnt hit Teridax’s head, right?
A: But I believe in the comic the fragment is colored blue, which is why people assumed it was Aqua Magna. Personally, I would simply say he was struck by an astral body - -which one it was is completely irrelevant to the story, really. If I pick up a rock and hit you with it, does it really matter WHICH rock it was?
Q: Well, it would clarify which source (MNS or comic) was accurate.
A: Again, basically irrelevant. Two artistic interpretations of the same event, one where the fragment was blue, one where it was green, that’s basically it.

I would guess the first quote is what’s the source for the claim on BS01.


I wholeheartedly agree with Greg’s previous statements on this one. Exactly which fragment it was is completely irrelevant because:

  1. Both fragments were re-merged with Bara Magna, so it’s not like there’s significant damage on one of the moons to an area or population that would be relevant to the story.
  2. The outcome would be the exact same regardless of which moon it was. Big robotic tyrant gets head smashed by large space rock.

Literally the only impact it would have on the story would be the degree of poetic justice it would carry. If he got hit by Aqua Magna it’d be ironic because the very moon the GSR resided on for so long is the one that does him in.

But either way, it already has significance considering the GSR’s mission was to reassemble the planet, and it was destroyed in that process.

I think this is just another example of our community’s obsession with minutia. It literally doesn’t matter which rock hit Makuta’s head, just the fact that one did. Inconsistencies between media are simply inconsistencies, and this is especially true for the many, many, many inaccurate representations in the comic. It doesn’t matter which one is the “right one” because there is no right one; the story beats are the important thing.


You just summed up like

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I had a theory about Teridax a while back which could have been a future storyline. Seeing as how Makuta wasn’t disintegrated by the moon, he could be revived on the Red Star. Perhaps he manages to fix the Red Star’s teleportation function and starts sending back baddies to terrorize the Spherus Magna inhabitants ultimately leading up to his final return? Could have been cool but it’s only speculation and I don’t really put much stock into “could have been” because G1 is over.

Alas, he could not be, as beings made of Antidermis are not revived on the Red Star…


ahh ok, I must have missed that bit of lore the first time around lol

I once wrote a short story about makuta teridax as the 2015 makuta, on the red star, he uses the kanohi olmak to meet old makuta teridax and convinces 2015 makuta to be evil.

It was terrible