Makuta the Corrupted beast. (Makuta contest entry)

this is cool and you made remember this

but the tongue why

looks like a monster from Super Sentai Go-Busters

Not particularly Makuta-like, but it’s cool all the same.

[Insert Little Girl Scream of Terror]

The arms are really cool!

Amazing work. This is one of the creepiest mocs I have ever seen. I love the mouth tongue.

Perfect MOC for October.

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Looks like something straight out of Yugioh.

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I’d say its more Digimon materiel.

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This is the Yugioh I’m talking about… classic Yugioh.


It looks like it was inspred by the Native American Theelgeth. Was that your inspiration?

Here comes the BOOOOGY MAAAN!

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why does this remind me of my sister?


Does she have one eye in her chest and no head?

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Or a mouth tongue and golden tusks coming out of her mouth?
(The tusks are probably one of my favorite parts of the moc)

more along the lines of nightmare fuel