Makuta the corrupted maskmaker

I finally made something for Rebrick Makuta contest.
Pictures are clickable.

Any comments are welcome and good luck to all, who participate!


Now THAT is a cool head design. It's a pretty good representation of the Kraakahn from the movies, and I dig the Takutanuva-esque asymmetry throughout the whole figure. Best of luck to you!

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How did I not see this before!?

Not entirely sure how relevant Takutanuva is for the contest, but an otherwise awesome MOC.

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By far my favourite entry I've seen, and ive seen a lot

I like the split colors, and I was surprised to see somebody use the dark gold from G1.

@Lurmm, thanks, I am glad you caught the idea behind this moc!
@Joe, Takutanuva used as a source of inspiration, it's not really him.
@Jayfa, many thanks, glad you like it!
@Sushiyoda, thanks you! Dark gold is best lego gold colour for me (sadly, not so many piece exist in this colour).

Thanks for comments, guys!

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I really do like the concept and build of this moc. Always love seeing people use smaller parts so effectively. But I do worry that it may have over the ten percent system limit

Darn, that's bad*** man, you really know how to surprise a person. I was expecting another Demonlord Makuta,