Makuta the Devastator

This here is my MOC for the 2016 Makuta contest. Its design and coloration represent the power of the Ultimate Mask of Power. The mask that possessed all 6 elements, went out of control and bestowed Makuta this titanic form, capable of destroying the island of Okoto itself. As far as I am concerned, this is the largest (or at least tallest) entry so far. The MOC measures from head to toe 87 cm. It weighs over 5 kilos, though that is an estimate, since I do not posses a functioning scale. Functions include several types of launchers. 9 Spring loaded technic launchers. 2 hidden Midax sky blasters in the shins, and a hidden Zamor launcher underneath the chest armor. On top of this the MOC has glow in the dark eyes and a spinning drill claw in the right arm The MOCs posability isn't the best, but its sheer stature and the history in the pieces used, is worth appreciating.

Here are rest of the pictures

I would like to point out that this is my first post on TTV Message Boards so I apologize for the jumble look of the post.


That's one hell of a feat of engineering right there. Making something that size that can even stand, and isn't as thin a s a pencil, is a serious achievement.

It does look very messy and jumbled though, and not just because of the colour scheme. the entire build is ridiculously busy and cluttered looking, which, while unavoidable on this scale, makes it not one of my favourite entries. I tend to favour consistency and aesthetics over pure size.


Well I couldn't really go for "consistency" because of its theme XD The idea is to have a corrupted and chaotic creature, created from over use of MOUP.

I do plan on sending a more consistent MOC later, after the winners of the contest are made clear :stuck_out_tongue:

well it's big

that's it

as with big mocs(that I painfully had to learn) it's rather messy due to the need for pieces. The colors being all over the place doesn't help. If it was unified and/or the messiness could be hidden by atleast a vague colorscheme, it'd be great. Though as it stands it's just an alright humanoid titan with impressive size


There is a lack of coherence to the overall design.


The legs are too long compared to the arms and torso, there is no consistency whatsoever, and the colorscheme is nonexistent.

Honestly the only thing this MOC has going for it is its size, and I think consistent, asthetic MOC's are better than just big ones.

The build, is overall great, but the consistency and color scheme could use some work

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this needs a colorscheme.

@TolerantAxe97 did a better "massive makuta", becuase at least that had a cohesive color scheme.

this thing just had random parts slapped on.


Wow that's is pretty huge for Makuta, and it really needs some green and purple /s.

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This thing would definitely benefit from... A colour scheme. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job on actually putting it together, though. I'd have given up 10 minutes in.


While it IS an impressive feat of creation, I think that a MOC that looks good is better than a complicated MOC that doesn't. So while its impressive that its so big its also crazy messy and doesn't have a color scheme at all, I think the chaotic look can be done better without having such a messy product.

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It's impressive, but quite messy.

I understand that the moc is supposed to be messy and miscolored, but HOW DOES IT STAND? That's even talked than a terrible godzilla moc I posted a while back...

Edit- I made 3 spelling errors. Miscolored is Discolored, Talked is supposed to read Taller, and a while is supposed to be awhile... After all of my efforts to use correct spelling...

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This thing is HUGE, I think it's size rivals callenlof's makuta contest moc (
I know you are trying to go with the all 6 elements theme but I think it would look better if you organised the colours instead of making it jumbled up.

All in all I love this MOC especially with the inclusion of the technic launchers!

Incredibly big
Appearance is justified
Proportions not super thin

hard to know what you are looking at

Overall, it's very impressive, but it needs some work.

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Is it just me, or does it look like it has Waspinator's head?