Makuta, the fallen angel


I have no words…


Wow that’s pretty big, good job!

Its big and cool, ill give it that. Unfortunatly, i dont see the head, which im not a fan of. Everything else is good though.

A bit cluttered, and overly big imo, but this is great nevertheless.

Woah. The size amazes me.

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Size is insane… but honestly i find myself more drawn to the adorable evil bird with purple wings… It just looks so creepy and adorable at the same time xD

As for the non-bird, only suggestion would be to improve the limb connections. They are using balljoints and as such posing likely wont work too well. Using the pieces used in Skopio XV-1 may help improve posing abilities and help stability :3


The shoulders seem a little high on the torso.

This is amazing. I love it’s imposing size

thanks for the tip Scarilian.

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i dont want to bag on this too much but i do feel the proportions are way off. the arms are too short, where the fingers end here are where the hands should start, im also not a fan of the slim waste and abbs then huge legs coming from no where. build wise it looks solid tho

i do agree

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