Makuta the Mask Breaker

So much custom work.
Great job.

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A worthy entry.

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Wow, wow, wow, man! What a beast. You’re master at shaping.

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The purple rib cage on the stomach is very out of place as the only purple that I can see, and the horns on the mask are too close to the base of the mask in my opinion. Otherwise great job!

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Those tubes on the sides though. :ok_hand:

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This. It just looks out of place


yea, that @Biodude15 and @Omega_Tahu said.

and a ribcage in gunmetal DOES exist.

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@Omega_Tahu @Sammythekat @Biodude15 The purple ribcage is there because I wanted to achieve a gradient in the accents, going from dark purple to pink and finally ending in red at the tips of the back spikes. That and the midsection looked really drab without a splash of some color. Gunmetal would have made even less sense IMO since there are no other gunmetal parts in the whole thing.and again, it’s wouldn’t have provided the bit of color I wanted to get in there.

I do understand how it might look out of place to some though, and at one point I wasn’t gonna include it, but in the end I kept it and it worked out for the better IMO.

Thanks for the crits!


Hey your Moc made it onto the Brick vault for creations of the week

This looks great!
Also your creation got featured in this video at 5:32!

#You are so good at this!

You are amazing my friend. 100/50

Only two things about this really bother me.

One, the left hand. And two, the random transpurple stomach.

The rest is basically perfect, yadayada you’ve heard all this, excellent work, whatnot.


I believe this is the first moc to ever receive a perfect score on the spotlight.

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What if ekimu made all the masks brainwash their users and make makuta the one who made the mask of control

He broke my hau