Makuta the Mask Maker (MBC)

This was my entry to the Makuta building contest.

Thats all


Okay when you post a MOC make sure that the pictures are organized in a sensible fashion! it took to the second to last picture for me to figure out what it actually looked like, all the shots before just confuse me with odd angles.


This model have a fair amount of issues. The arm are lengthy, weapons feels weak, overall body need some bulk, and head doesn't work well.
The frame feels like an improve UtD tbh.

Makuta Ruler of the Washing Machine.

Edited Title for Error - BioSquire

That wasnt an error. Mbc was for makuta building contest.

It seems a bit like a retooled Umagap the Destroyer.

Next time try being more original than changing some shells around on UtD. Just a suggestion.