Makuta the Shadow Seeker

The death of Umarak during the Toa's final quest left Okoto's elemental forces imbalanced. Without him, the element of shadow was left at a deficit and the other elements a surplus- such conditions would not sustain Okoto.

Meanwhile, the dark energy of the shadow realm was at an all time high; having absorbed The Hunter. All that needed to occur was a slight rift, and darkness would flood in to its rightful place among the forces. It was time for Makuta's plan to reach phase two.

He very well knew that without a vessel, he could not exist as more than a mere shade of his being on Okoto's plane and would likely dissipate. However, with the need for a new creature and deficit of energy to form one, a new being would be born of the shadow realm as soon as the rift was opened. All that remained was a trigger to break the veil between the worlds and that was already within his grasp.

Makuta didn't intend to escape during the final confrontation with the Toa. While the heroes were realizing their destiny, he was gathering the remains of his forbidden mask. They would seal his portal in vain, as was foretold in the prophecy, and Makuta would be ready to launch his escape.

Before his empire, Makuta stood a Mask Maker. Soon, he would become one with the darkness and ascend to something much greater. Unbeknownst to his brother, the supposed heroes of Okoto, and all that had stood in his path, he was about to not only begin his true conquest of the island- but become one with Okoto itself!

He thrust open his grasp, the six shards of his broken mask drifted into the space before him and converged. Gilded and ornate, the mask was as stunning a sight as ever- his greatest creation. It rippled, shuddered, and imploded on itself and the tear expanded beyond the bounds of where the mask once floated. Makuta could feel the realm itself begin to flood through the hole. He sacrificed his will, his instincts, his judgement to the rush, and let it carry him.

Makuta opened his eyes for the first time since his death. Two ominous crimson red moons loomed above, as though to celebrate his reincarnation. The tyrant eyed his new form; it was imposing and sturdy with a smooth metallic carapace and an abundance of white spikes. At long last, a form worthy of his soul.

Makuta stood at the cusp of his victory, the Toa banished to the stars and he with a form and element all his own. Mask maker no longer, he is Makuta The Shadow Seeker.

Makuta's Hammer of Souls is powered by the spirit of his former minion, Kulta the Skull Grinder. Makuta saw fit to keep Kulta's head chained on as commemoration of sort, but also as a handy place to plant herbs needed for reanimation rituals.

I will be entering this into the contest(probably soon after I post this, actually) and am pretty interested in hearing what you folks think. So, as always, comments, criticism, praise(if you see fit) are really appreciated!

Thanks for giving my moc a look!


Quite possibly my favorite entry yet. It's very unique and most of the designs are beautifuly done.

Love it Garn <3


I really dig the tribal aesthetic, especially all dem bones.

However I kinda wish he had more leaf-garb like the skirt, just so the green would feel a little more evenly distributed.

Just my take anyways. The rest is still pretty gr8

3 tries vs. 403


Such tribal, much wow.


the green doesnt suit the moc plus the white and lava print parts make it look like a bone yard moc

but i guess its alright

Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it.

Yeah, I wish I could've figured out some other accessories for him. I guess that'll just be something I can look into down the line.

The green isn't supposed to be part of his body; it's literally a grass skirt, hency why he can just take it off. Still, point is noted; I'll be looking into giving him more stuff like it to distribute the color better later on.

Uh, is this referencing something? Because he is supposed to look boney.


I really like the tribal design of this guy!

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Probably one of my favorite entries. The tribal aesthetic is unique and really adds to his design.


I like it, It's kinda cute...

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Tribal shaman Makuta, complete with hammer-staff? I dig it.


Very unique and I love how you used the white parts, maybe the skirt could be dark tan instead of green? I donno it just looks to "alive" for makuta, it works on the staff away from his body though.

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This is a really good idea, and I'd be down to try it if it weren't for one stipulation; I don't have any of those rope parts in brown.

I'll have to keep this in mind whenever I decide to improve him, however.


Really cool look.

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As others have said, the tribal look is great. :smile:

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I really like the design, especially the vines around the skull!


Congrats, you wrote a better story than Lego


So cool! I like the way you've done the eyes. It looks a bit nicer in the picture where it doesn't have all the extra greebles on it, but those have a very cool aesthetic too.

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Neat entry!
Really digging the tribal witch doctor (not the HF set) look, suits well me thinks.

I also like how it seems you've implemented more than one element too (fire, stone/earth, and jungle) in a way that isn't just haphazardly thrown into the moc, blatantly out of place.
The way you made his staff/hammer resemble his mask making hammer is a nice touch too.

The few things I don't like so much about the build is the neck and the shape of it's back. I feel like the neck is a little too long/isn't hunched forward enough in some of these pictures, and the back is very flat towards the top/shoulder area and I feel like having a natural curve there (and maybe adding a tail of sorts?) would fix any issues I can see in the moc.
Otherwise, just nit-picky things like the slightly different shades and styles in the printed pieces and how the grass skirt doesn't actually wrap around the back are the only things that bother me.

Very unique entry, I wish you luck in the contest!

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This is really cool. I dig the tribal/witch doctor aesthetic. As others have said, more green would be nice, or I like the idea of changing the skirt to tan. Still, great entry :slight_smile:


Glad someone caught that!

I don't really know what I can do about the neck, it being the smallest bone part. The back, however, could certainly use some major reworking and I'll keep your suggestion in mind!