Makuta Udraxur, Makuta of Corruption

Hello everyone, I would like to show you guys my latest Bionicle moc. This time it’s a Makuta, his name is Udraxur (pronounced as U-drax-er).

Udraxur with the corrupted Ignika.

Folded wings.

Spread wings.

Other angles.

Without wings.

Note: I don’t have any backstory or lore for him yet so I’m sorry about that.


That’s a very cool colour scheme!


oooo he looks super cool!
give him a spear and he could be a great version of tridax!

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Ooh I really like the colors and the different colored eyes. Nice moc!


I like the split eyes!

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purple and dark red, never can go wrong with those colours

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Update with weapons:

He possesses the Chains of Ildris, the special chains that can immobilize opponents. He also wields the Staff of Drainage, which allows him to drain opponents’ powers, leaving them vulnerable both physically and mentally.


ah the trans-purple looks great. Nice job!

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