Makuta Ughilee

There once was a Makuta that was ugly, he was sooo ugly that Teridax used him to kill all the other Makuta. And everybody died.

Let's just say he was the offspring of a squid and a mutated Makuta (and if you can't tell the things sticking blatantly off of his back are wings).

Back (that little Bohrok eye is a tail, but it's really there to stop the torso from jiggling)

Closer look at the main buildup

Back shot of the main build (I removed armor plates for this one)

As you can see the reason his left foot has those pieces on it is because it is broken. Also I probably just 'triggered' Eljay because I forgot to push the red pin in before taking the picture.

That's pretty much it, also he's got the effects of a Klakk on non-Makuta beings who were mutated by the leech. Because ugly.


Looks derpy, but pretty fun at the same time.

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thats not how it works son

Well he certainly is very ugly, but the design is actually really cool, especially the head.

I think we're much more triggered by the broken Zesk foot


Who knows how it works in the Bionicle Universe


This is a nice moc but kind of cluttered

He upper arms have a bit too much on them, however the head is an interesting design

If by upper arms you mean the things on his back, those are wings, not arms

I'm not going to argue with that description, though I actually do like the concept.

This MOC looks pretty good. I don't really have any complaints.

Dat back story thou...

I'm just going to leave this here:


I have like, 4 of those that I lost to the same fate...

I was actually thinking of the ugly barnacle but that works to.


I knew that from the start. I just wanted to leave that video there regardless.