Makuta Vamprah

So, I’m do something called toy photography. It’s basically where you take pictures of toys and share them on Instagram. I’ve been one of a few toy photographers who represent BIONICLE in the community. Here’s one of my pictures.

If you want to see more, be sure to check out my Instagram page Maelstrom_Dragon. Thanks. :smiley:


looks good

I did something similar for my Photography course. Looks cool.

Thanks. :smile:

Cool. Thanks a lot.

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you seem cool, here’s a topic for ya :slight_smile:


This looks awesome, man!

I’m also a LEGO photographer on Instagram. My name’s Theactualdalefishman, I’ll be sure to follow you! :smile:

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it sad because i dont have instagram :cry:

How did you get him to fly? That’s pretty cool!

That looks epic.

I like how he’s kind of jumping out of the cloud.

@OculusNuva I’ll be sure to check you out. Thanks :smile:

@Toakopaka8943 It’s alright, I’ll be sharing all my good Bionicle pictures here.

@Rac Thanks a ton. I got him to fly by taking a picture in my studio, then I took a picture of the sky, and edited it together.

@Neowulf Thanks! Yeah, this took like 45 minutes and it’s still a little weird looking. Thanks anyway :smile:

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Thanks :smiley: