Makuta Verakion, rebooted

A long, long time ago, on these very boards, a young Bionicle fan named Matoro constructed Makuta Verakion, his very first self-MOC.

Since then, many others have come and gone. several unrecognizable versions of Verakion, Vojak, Ata, but now........
he returns.

Introducing the new Makuta Verakion!

As it is a revamp of the original, I decided to stick with the Inika build. That and it was made for an Inika build contest.


I hate to be buzzkill, but didn't you just straighten his back and move a couple armor pieces around?

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essentially. It's a bit deeper than that, but yeah, it's not a huge change. few new parts here, a new scythe design there, but overall the same thing.


This looks good, I really like it! The colour scheme is great. Not a fan of the scythe, I don't think that blade works too well, but overall, it's cool! :smile:

for a sec I was worried you made this your self-moc again..

where did those parts on the shoulders come from?
I remember them only ever coming in blue.

Atlantis squid.


Not bad, if a bit basic. Though, what's his Kanohi supposed to be? He is a Makuta.


It's a Mask of Fear. Not exactly canon, but neither is a Skrall shaped mask.

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S/O to outside photography making your MOCs look a heck of a lot better

Even if it looks too much like Mata Nui

:thumbsup: pieces work well together.

This is proof making something more basic can be a good thing.

This is really cool especially for how simple it is!

Pretty neat.

I got to admit this looks pretty great.
My only complaint is the mask feels out of place.