Makuta Vira, Queen of the Storm

The Makuta that threatened the livelihood of Suhnork inhabitants

Vira is a Makuta with storm elemental powers along with the usual powers of the Makuta species. She is the head of an organization responsible for the drastic increase in criminal behavior in Suhnork. Vira’s organization recruits those who are willing to risk what little they have.

Vira wields a staff of fusion that is said to have been a gift from a deity, but that’s all speculation

Aside from the recruited members, Vira’s organization is comprised of an army of droids and storm-beastlings of which she creates.

Vira usually doesn’t send out her droid soldiers, such as the Assassin-droid (in picture), into the general population. Instead, they’re kept inside organizations walls for security, although Vira and her researchers have developed machines capable of mass destruction

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######and no, she has nothing to do with Vira from MNOG, that’s just a coincident


Good color blocking. I like the staff.

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The hands and torso are some of my favorite parts for sure but capes will always take the cake for me.

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I really like the color scheme! The trans neon green looks really nice on the MOC!

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Tho whole mode is great, but dang, that torso design is smooth.

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I really like the mask and the design of the feet, the shins are good as well. This is pretty cool!

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This is a great improvement. Awesome job!

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